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146.66 feet every 10 seconds at 10 mph.

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At 35 mph you are traveling at 513.3 feet every 10 seconds.

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Q: If you are going 35 mph how many feet will you travel in 10 seconds?
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How many feet would you travel in 3 seconds if you were going 75 mph?

330 feetGiven:Time = 3 secondsRate:= 75 mph= 75miles/hour * 1hour/3600seconds * 5280feet/1mile= 110 feet/secondsFormula:Distance = Rate * TimeDistance:= 110 feet/seconds * 3 seconds= 330 feet

If your traveling 25 miles per hour how many seconds does it take to travel 100 feet?

To convert speed from miles per hour to feet per second, you need to multiply by 1.46667. So at 25 miles per hour, you are traveling at approximately 36.67 feet per second. To travel 100 feet at this speed, it would take around 2.73 seconds.

How many feet did you travel going 70 mph in 20 seconds?

If you're going 70mph, which is:70 miles/hour x 5280 feet/mile = 369,600 feet/hour .... we can use this to find how fast you're moving in feet per second.369,600 feet/hour x 1 hour/3600seconds = 102.667 feet/secondSo in 20 seconds you will have traveled 102.667 * 20 = [2053.34 feet]

How many meters will sound travel in 30s?

At sea level sound travels 33,488.4 feet every 30 seconds.

How many feet will you travel going 50 miles per hour?

50 miles per hour is 50 * 5280 (feet per mile) per hour = 264000 feet per hour and then, depending on how long a time period you're interested could just divide the 264000 feet per hour by 60 to find the distance in feet per minute...then divide that again by 60 to find the distance in feet per second. A car will travel 264000 feet per hour at 50 mph. 264000 feet per hour / 60 minutes per hour = 4400 feet per minute 264000 feet per hour / 3600 seconds per hour = 73.33 feet per second