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The 225 amps is the secondary output amperage. Look on the machines nameplate to find the input amperage. It is that amperage that is needed to size the feed wire and there the breaker size. When you find that amperage you may want to re question the breaker size.

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2013-04-15 15:50:47
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Q: Is 60 amp breaker good for 225 stick welder?
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Can you use 10-3 with 30 amp breakers at 90 foot to run a 225 amp max arc welder?

Look on the welder name plate and find the input current, the 225 amp is the output current. Then rephrase question with the input current .

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A 225 amp load will physically not be able to tie into a 15 amp breaker and a duplex receptacle as you can not get a 3/0 wire under the breaker and receptacle terminal screws.

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