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Q: Is density a good way to identify a substance?
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Why is density a good way to identify materials?

It's hard

Can density be used to identify a substance?

Yes, it is possible. To identify an object using its density you need only a few things: an accurate scale to find the mass of the object; a graduated cylinder large enough to accommodate whatever object you have; the object itself; and a liquid. Any liquid can be used for this, however, if the object floats then the calculation becomes slightly more complicated. I use water. First weigh the object, then immerse it in the liquid. Note how much water is displaced. Divide the mass of the object by the volume of the liquid and you'll find the density. Then compare that density to the list of known densities to identify the object. Pretty simple! physical and chemical properties can be uesed to identify substance. I used: Ans: Not sure you can actually identify the substance from its density alone: you would have to know its state too. For example, water in gaseous form would be an entirely different density to water in solid form wouldn't it? So no, you cannot identify a substance from its density, without other information. The best way to identify a substance is often through spectroscopy, in which the radiation either absorbed or given off from a chemical can determine which substances are present. This is what happens for the sun.

Why is density of a substance important?

it is important to calculate the density of a substance because this way you are able to find the volume of a substance like which liquid is a heavier flow or thicker molecules in it

How was density discovered?

The concept of density was invented, not discovered. It was invented by thinkers who needed a way to describe the weight of a substance that depends only on the substance, and not on how much of it you have.

What is the only way to change the weight of a substance?

Probably change the density

What is the only way in which the density of a pure substance can change?

By changing the temperature as you can add anything to a pure substance.

How many gallons is 13.10 lbs?

It depends on the density of the substance, there is no way to equate weight (lbs) and volume (gallons) except by knowing the density of the substance concerned.

How you can convert Density of Crude oil into specific Gravity?

The same way you convert any density to specific gravity. Just divide the density of the substance (crude oil in this case) by the density of the reference substance (usually water, for liquids).

What is the only way the density of a pure substance can change?

By changing the temperature as you can't add anything to a pure substance.

How do you identify white sugar?

The most obvious answer, tasting it, is unfortunately off the table. There are many substances that look similar to sugar that would be very harmful if ingested.So how else can you identify a substance? Finding its density would be a good start. Measure a certain amount in a measuring cup, then find the mass of the mystery substance (Be sure to subtract out the mass of the measuring cup!).Divide the mass by the volume to get the density. For sugar, the density should be about 1.29 g/cm3Another way is to find the melting point of the mystery substance and compare it to the melting point of sugar. Slowly heat the substance until it begins to melt. (Putting it in a plastic bag and submerging it in hot water is probably the best way to do this.) Once it starts melting, use a thermometer to find it's temperature. If it is sugar, it should be around 170oC.

Knowing the solubility of an unknown substance in water can help to identify what it is.?

Knowing the solubility of an unknown substance in water can help you calculate its molarity. It is however important to get its weight first.

What is a good way to remember the word density?

A good way of remembering density is visualizing the "D" for density being a bow an arrow. Then think of the m/v being a heart.

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