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simple answer, yes

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2011-05-15 02:08:48
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Q: Is the Concorde the fastest passenger plane?
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Fastest passenger plane?

Concorde plane :-)

What is the fastest passenger plane in the world?

It is the Concorde, although it is no longer used for commercial passenger flights. what is the fastest passenger plane in the world

Was Concorde the fasted plane that ever flown?

No Concorde was the fastest Commercial passenger airliner ever built. It was not the fastest plane ever built.

What is the worlds fastest passenger plane?

Before the Concorde's retirement it was the fastest passenger plane, cruising at Mach 2.02 (~1320mph). Now the fastest planes are the 787 and A380, optimized for Mach 0.85 (~567mph).

What delta winged supersonic transport is the fastest passenger plane?

You are possibly thinking of the Concorde, but it is no longer in service.

Which is the fastest passenger aircraft?


Was concord the fastest airplane?

No, but it was the fastest passenger aeroplane. OVULESSLEY its not the fastest plane but its ovues that it was the fastest passenger plane

What is so special about Concorde?

Concorde is special because it was the fastest passenger plane ever. It flew at Mach 2. It was made together by more than 5 different countries.

What is the worlds best passenger plane?

Concorde Concorde 747-400ER, broad and quiet

Fastest Passenger Aircraft?

While it is commonly thought that it was Concorde, the Tupolev Tu-144 was in fact the fastest passenger aircraft.

What was the British and French supersonic passenger plane called?


What is the name of the supersonic passenger plane made by french and the English?


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