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A quart is a measure of volume - usually of liquids. It's name comes from a quarter of a gallon = 2 pints.

In America, a quart = approximately 0.94 litres.

In Britain and Ireland, a quart = approximately 1.13 litres.

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Volume, such as liquids, can be measured in quarts. This unit is commonly used in the United States for measuring the capacity of containers like milk bottles or engine oil.

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Volume can be measured in quarts.

Volume can also be measured in cubic inches, cubic feet, cubic yards, cubic centimeters, cubic meters, ...

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Q: What can be measured in quarts?
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Why are pictures measured in quarts?

Pictures are not measured in quarts.

What cn be measured into quart?

Any liquids can be measured in quarts.

Can quarts be cut after installation fabricator measured wrong?

can quarts be recut after installation

What is 1 thing measured in quarts?


What is capacity measured in?

Gallons, Quarts, Pints, Cups, Fl. Ounces...

What state of matter CAN be measured in quarts or liters?

The liquid state is measured with these units of volume. However, so can solids and gases.

What items are measured in quarts?

liquids, some grains.

How many gallons equal to 51 quarts?

There are 17.74 gallons in 71 quarts. This can also be measured in ounces. There are 2272 ounces in 71 quarts. This number changes if you are measuring a liquid or a solid.

Why is potting soil measured in quarts?

Potting soil is typically measured in quarts because quarts are a common unit of volume measurement in the United States. Using quarts makes it easier for consumers to understand and compare the quantities of potting soil they are purchasing. Additionally, quarts are a convenient size for handling and storing bags of potting soil.

Would it take greater number of gallons or quarts to measure the capcity of a pond?

It would take a greater number of quarts to measure anything that is measured in gallons. There are 4 quarts in each gallon.

Would water in a swimming pool be measured in quarts or in gallons?


Is ice cream mesuared in liters?

In the US its typically measured in quarts, elsewhere liters.