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Q: What is the fastest ever six nations try scored?
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What was the fastest six goals ever scored in the NHL?

2 seconds

How many points has Stephen Jones scored in the six nations 2008?


How many tries scored by Ireland in six nations 2011?

Ireland scored 10 tries in the 2011 Six Nations Championship. They finished in third place behind winners England and second-place France.

Who scored the most points for Wales for Wales in the 2007 six nations?

Shane Williams Cwmru am byth!!!

What was the fastest own goal ever scored?

'One other notable goal was recorded at six seconds, but the scorer is probably glad that his name does not appear in most record books: Pat Kruse's strike after six seconds while playing for Torquay against Cambridge in 1977 is believed to be the fastest own goal in history' I was there!

What is The fastest pitch ever thrown by a six year old?

My brother is six and he throws 35-37mph

What is the fastest six mile run ever?

25 min 19 sec

How many tries has wales scored in the the six nations all together?

for the first 4 mateches wales have scored 9 tries (france not played at time of repy)

What is the fastest ever goal in soccer?

Itis six seconds in Arabian club match. In world cup it stands at 11 seconds scored by Hakan Sukar for Turkey verses South Korea in the 2002 world cup.

Who has scored the most tries in one six nations campaign?

Six tries is the record in one six nations campaign held jointly by Williams of Wales and Greenwood of England. Chris Ashton of England has equalled that record with just two games gone in the current six nations (2011) looks likely he will hold that outright by the end of the tournament.

Which rugby-playing centre has been with Leinster for 12 years and has the record for the most tries scored in the Six Nations?

Gordon D'Arcy

How many tries did brian o'driscoll score in 2010 six nations?

I believe it was ONE - Scored against Scotland on the last game

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