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Q: What is the number of cubic units needed to fill the space occupied by a solid?
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What is the number of cubic units needed to fill a solid figure?

You must provide us with the shape and dimensions of the solid figure.

What metric unit is used to measure how much space a solid takes up?

Depends on the size of the solid. A cubic centimetre (for day-to-day objects), a cubic metre (for a room or a car or a house) or a cubic kilometre (for a mountain). Even smaller or larger units may be needed for the space occupied by a virus or by a planet.

The number of cubic units contained in the interior of a solid?


How many cubic meters of earth are needed to fill a hole in the shape of a rectangular solid with dimensions of 23 meters 38 meters and 4.5 meters?

23*38*4.5 = 3933 cubic meters are needed

Is the area of a solid figure is the mearsure of the number of cubic units?

No, volume is in cubic units, while surface area is in square units.

The number of cubic units that can fit inside a container or a solid figures is?

It's volume

Is the volume of a solid measuerd in cubic centimeters?

Yes. Cubic centimeters is a unit of capacity or volume. It's a good choice for expressing the volume of a solid, as long as it results in convenient numbers. If the number of cubic centimeters is too large to be convenient, then another larger unit may be used, such as liters (1,000 cubic centimeters) or cubic meters (1,000,000 cubic centimeters).

What units are used to measure solid volume in?

Solid volume is measured in cubic units. It is given as cubic kilometer, cubic meter etc.

What are cubic units?

Volume of a solid that is measured by cubic units

How do you measure the space occupied by solid objects?

Volume of an object is a measure of the space occupied by objects.

What is the space occupied by a solid figure?

It is the volume of the figure.

What is the metric is used to measure a of a solid?

A cubic metre or a cubic centimetre.

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