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Measuring volumeLiquid volume is measured with beakers, measuring cups, spoons, graduated cylinders, and the like. For regular objects, solid volume can be calculated. For irregular objects, their volumes can be determined by measuring the amount of liquid that is displaced by the object when it is submerged in the liquid.


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Supplementary AnswerUnlike some physical properties, such as length and weight, volume can not normally be measured directly - it is measured or calculated only through indirect means. A graduated beaker, for example, measures the height of a collumn of liquid, and the markings on the beaker are callibrated for the specific cross sectional area of the beaker, thus giving you an indication of the volume of the liquid within the beaker. Volume can be calculated - by knowing the dimensions and shape of the object being measured, you can calculate its volume. The volume of an irregular solid can be measured by immersing the object in a liquid, and measuring the displacement of the liquid.

There are devices - such as fuel and water meters (like at a gas station pump) - that measure the flow of liquid through a chamber equipped with an impeller. As the liquid flows through the chamber, it spins the impeller, and by counting the revolutions of the impeller, the device can measure the volume of liquid that flowed through the chamber.

Also, a calibrated dip stick can be used to measure the volume of liquid in a tank.

The above text talks about measuring the volume of liquids. The Ancient Greek genius Archimedes realized he could measure the volume of any shape solid by submerging it in a full container of water and then measuring the volume of the water that spilled over. For regular shape solids, such as spheres, cones, cubes, etc., the volume can also be determined by measuring dimensions and applying the correct formula.


Sound VolumeThe device used to measure sound volume is a dB/SPL meter and can be purchased at RadioShack.

Assuming its volume were concerning here ;

to measure the volume of something , u need a measuring device.

depending how accurate u wish the measure to be will reflect in which device u select to use .

to measure a box shape , you could use a measuring ruler .

but there are other digital measuring instruments which off er much greater accuracy ; eg a vernier caliper will measure accurately an object that's

small enough to fit between its jaws .

having taken measurements required u should adopt the use of math formulae

to solve the problem ;

to find the volume of a square you would ;

multiply the width 1 by width 2 ; which should be identical of course as its a square , and multiply this again by the third width to achieve the total volume.

this is known as cubed .

to determine the volume of a rectangular shape you would multiply the width 1 by width 2 and then multiply again the length 3

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