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these are the engineering majors that require the least amount of Biology and chemistry.

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Q: What kinds of engineering can you do without taking biology and chemistry taking only physics and math?
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Can a scientist can effectively study astronomy without a good understanding of chemistry and physics?

no they can not

Can you become an orthodontist without biology and chemistry?

Biology and Chemistry are always needed in any career that require you to be a Doctor. I have never heard of any such program that does not feature these 2 subjects.

What if there is no chemistry?

If there were to be no chemistry, then, in sequence, there would be no physics. Without physics our world would be of ruin, because everything within the confines of our dimention relies on this hypothesis. If chemistry were to not exist, the world would be one full of....... no one. That's right, the loss of chemistry=the loss of you, you will most likely perish in this insane world in which you speak of.

How is chemistry and physics used in biology to make biology work?

Physics and chemistry are essential for biology. Many biological processes cant be observed by the naked eye and so we need tricks to make visible. The most important physics contribution for biology is the microscope. By arranging lenses in exact order the smallest cells become visible. Lately many advances have been made we can use electron microscope which uses electron instead of light. We can use fluorescence microscopes where we can exploit another physics principle. Certain chemicals are fluorescence which means they basically excite photons (light particles). And these fluorescence chemicals are combined with antibodies to stain specific cells. Also MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), X-ray's, CAT scans and fMRI all exploit physiscs to make certain structures visible without having to cut open subjects. X-ray crystallography for example was used to determine the structure of DNA. fMRI where blood flow can be measured is used in neurobiology to map brain activity. Also its possible to divide certain cells in a culture by using magnetism by coating antibodies with magnetic beads specific for a certain cell type. There are many more tricks that are used but I think you get the picture. And chemistry well without chemistry there wouldn't be biology. Biology is mainly chemistry the interactions of certain molecules makes us a living breathing individual. The list of contributions of chemistry is therefore endless.

How is newton's law of physics used in engineering?

There would be no modern engineering without Newton's Laws.Newton covered all engineering it could be said, even though Newton was not the father of Electrical Engineering (Benjamin Franklin holds that honor), all other engineering owes something to Newton. In fact Newton contributed to Electrical Engineering in his studies of Light which is electricity.

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Can a person do electrical engineering without chemistry?

Typically, all engineering fields require chemistry as well as physics as a part of the engineering curriculum.

How are the 3 branches of science are similar?

Science is science, we only separate it into physics, chemistry and biology for convenience. Interestingly all three rely on one another: Good physics wouldn't exist without the scientific process. Good chemistry wouldn't exist without physics. Good biology wouldn't exist without chemistry. So really there is the following dependancy: Scientific Process > Physics > Chemistry > Biology

Why is it that chemistry is the central science?

Chemistry is a particularly fundamental form of knowledge, although not quite as fundamental as physics. You can't really understand chemistry without physics. You can't understand biology without chemistry. You can't understand medicine without biology. Sciences build upon more fundamental sciences.

Does being good at mathematics help you with classes like chemistry physics and engineering?

Yes. Math is a fundamental tool in chemistry, physics, and engineering in the same way that being able to read is a fundamental tool in historical analysis. You cannot be good at chemistry, physics, or engineering without a firm grasp of math.

Why physics consederd the basic science?

Physics is science in a sense. It explains why how and why things happen from simple motion to waves to radiation. Chemistry is a part of physics and in a sense Biology is a result of Chemistry. Without our understand of Physics we would not have any other understanding of science.

What is the Relationship between math and science engineering and technology?

Science is nothing without math.. Physics and chemistry are related so far with science.. If there was no math science wouldn't exist, you couldn't calculate the problems in physics and chemistry without mathematics

What is its importance of physics?

Physics on the grand scale is the fundamental laws of nature without wihich nothing else could exist. It is also the basic practical science, with engineering being its application. Without physics you would not have even such simple tools as a lever or weighing balance. Without physics you would not be able to read your computer screen or look at a photograph or the scenery, or listen to music. You would not have electricity. Without physics you would not have the computer, the camera or the music... and I don't mean recorded or broadcast but musical instruments themselves. Without physics there be no YOU... nor anyone else... There would be NOTHING else - including chemistry and biology (the latter is mainly chemistry anyway).

Why physics is important to it?

Physics, which merges into chemistry, is the sum of our understanding of the universe, biology and other disciplines are byproducts of these subjects. Without physics or chemistry there would be no cars, no internet, no tv, no metalurgy, no fire and we would still be animals thinking that fishing ants out of a hill with twigs was a novel idea. So whatever "It" is, physics is important to it.

What does math have to do with physics and chemistry?

Mathematics is the language of science and engineering. It is almost impossible to study science of any branch without the use and study of math.

Biological science from physical science?

Physics and chemistry is the base of all other sciences. Physics is the study of the properties of matter and energy and how they interact with each other, and chemistry is the study of how matter interacts with each other, how the combine, or how they change. So when it comes to biology it is a mixture of chemistry and physics. The way the human body is shaped is to work in an environment with gravity (physics). The way your body breaks down food into smaller sugars, fats, and proteins for later use (chemistry). Biology is the study of the chemical and physical properties of living creatures (and maybe nonliving (viruses). So to say that biological science is from physical science is somewhat true. I would say though that biology is more focused on chemistry than physics. Biology is the study of life and living organisms, but physics is the study of motion. They are indeed but to the definition of physics I would add ", mass and energy". Physics also comes into biology in many ways, the simplest being the principles of sight and hearing. It's also the foundation science, for without the laws of physics nothing else could exist.

What course can i do without physics?

Architectural engineering; civil engineering (physics is often not compulsory in most universities); you can also consider some architecture

What should you do for a science project but without a source of heat?

Depends- Biology, chemistry, or physics? Biology could be a study of plant growth influenced by different factors, physics could be a study of magnetic fields, chemistry can be a study of chemical reactions, generation of gasses, etc. Find an area you like, do some exploring- and remember that the research and write-up of your project is the important part.

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