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Single pole 20 amp breaker.

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Q: What size breaker to use for a hand dryer its 120v 20amps?
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How do you unfreeze a bottle of water?

put it in the sun or put it in a hand dryer at a rest station on the interstate

Can sparkly converse mess up your washer and dryer?

Converse as in shoes? I do not have experince, But washers and dryers are not made for large items. You should not put your Converse in the washer and dryer unless completely necessary.Try hand washing them.

Can you operate a 30 amp dryer on a 50 amp receptacle?

There is a couple of things going on here. First a 30 amp dryer plug will not fit into a 50 amp range plug. So rather than changing the the dryer cord over to a 50 amp range cord all you have to do is change the 50 amp breaker over to a 30 amp breaker in the distribution panel. The wire size is big enough to run the 30 amp dryer. Change the 50 amp range receptacle to a new 30 amp dryer receptacle and your installation will be within the electrical code guidelines.Circuit breakers and wire gauges are designed to protect the wiring, not the appliance (and not the user!). Amperage ratings are draws, not demands.More InformationThe answer to your question is yes. A 30-amp dryer will run quite nicely on a 50-amp circuit, provided it is properly wired and the voltage is correct. As has been pointed out, a standard 30-amp dryer pigtail won't plug into a standard 50-amp range receptacle. But there is no reason you can't replace the dryer's pigtail with a range pigtail, and that would be a heck of a lot easier and faster -- and cheaper! -- than replacing receptacle and breaker, as suggested above.What you must NEVER do is the opposite -- replace a range pigtail with a dryer pigtail and try to run the range on a 30-amp circuit. Most electric ranges can draw up to 50 amps, enough to overload the 30-amp circuitry usually provided for a clothes dryer.The key here is understanding how current draw works. A 50-amp appliance plugged into a 30-amp circuit -- say, an electric stove plugged into an outlet meant for a dryer -- can be a problem because the the stove will try to draw more current through the circuit than it's rated for, and protected against. A circuit breaker will trip, or a wire or connection will overheat.On the other hand, a 30-amp appliance plugged into a 50-amp circuit -- a clothes dryer plugged into a stove outlet, for example -- is just fine. The dryer will draw a mere 30 amps, no matter that the circuit can provide 50 amps.

Why would a dryer shock me if i put my hand on it?

Faulty ground, plus a loose contact somewhere. Be careful, it could be quite dangerous.

240V European and 120V US does one have an advantage over the other?

Generally 220v anything works easier or with less effort so can be cheaper to run. Appliances that run off 240V draw less current than 120V appliances so lighter wiring and fixtures can be used. However, 240V is more prone to arcing than 120V. Also, 240V is more likely to blow you away than 120V, whereas 120V is more likely to "grab" (Cause your muscles to involuntarily contract, i.e. making your hand grab a conductor) you. Also the US uses 120V because Edison originally used 100V. It was upped over the years to cope with demand. The US also has 240V in residential service for large appliances like ovens and dryers.

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