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Before the French used the metric system, they used a traditional system similar to the Imperial system.

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Q: What unit did french use before metric system?
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What comes before ounces in the metric system?

"Ounces" is not part of the metric system.

Basic unit of lenght in the metric system?

the meter (French: metre)

How do metric system develop?

In the earlier times, there was no unit to measure the distance and thus there was no symmetry. To fight this problem, in 1790, french developed a standard unit of measurement called the metric system.

What metric unit do you use to measure the weight of a dog?

I personally still hold the 'grave' as the base unit for the metric system, regardless of the outcome of the French Revolution.

What does metric mean in french language?

metric is spelled métrique in French. That means based on the universal measurement system in which the length unit is the meter.

What is the metric unit?

The metric unit of what . -There is an entire metric system of all kinds of units .

What is the definition of the metric system?

A metric unit is a decimal unit of measurement of the metric system, based on meters and kilograms and seconds.

What is the basic unit for volume in the metric system?

Liters is the basic unit for volume in the metric system.

What is the metric system unit of measurement for distance?

the metric system unit of measurement for distance is meters

In the metric system the basic unit of length is the?

The metre is the basic unit of length for the metric system

The primary unit of length in the metric system?

The primary unit of length in the metric system is the meter.

What is the unit in the metric system that measures weight?

Grams is the unit to measure weight in the metric system.

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