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comprehensive book, algebra and methods of solving problems

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Q: What were some of the Muslims contributions in medicine mathematics and astronomy?
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What were scientific advances made by early muslims?

The scientific advances and discoveries made by early Muslims are numerous and covering all science areas including astronomy, mathematics, geography, medicine, pharmacy, chemistry, physics, ... etc. It is difficult to list them withing the allowed answer space. You may refer to many internet links that mention them.

Why did the Muslim way of praying lead to advances in astronomy?

Muslims wanted to know precise direction of Mecca

People who contributed the development in physics?

The first time contribution in the development of physics was by the Muslims Scientists such as: Ibn-ul-Haitham, Al-Razi, Al-Beruni and many other famous Muslims scholars and scientists later contributions was carried by Issac Newton, Einstein, Ohm and many other scientists.

Why did the Muslims way of praying lead to advances to astronomy?

As you may know, all Muslims pray facing towards the holy city of Mecca- specifically, to the stone monolith known as the Ka'aba in the center of the city. Within cities near Mecca, the direction to face is easy to discern. But for Muslims traveling abroad, or out at sea with no visible landmarks, Muslims looked to the skies to know the direction of Mecca. They knew that the position of certain celestial bodies changed only slightly, so they marked these and used them as skyward markers of their holiest of holy places.

How did fulfilling religious duties lead the Muslims to astronomy and better understanding of the physical world?

muslim astronamers found a plate called astrobled that would help tell time and date and you could also use it as a map , it was the map of the sky , and rete stimulate the daily motions of earth to the stars, as for muslims they used it to find out how far were they from mecca

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What contribution did Muslims make to the world?

progress in mathematics; progress in cleanliness; Good practices in Business dealings; ____________________________________________________ In addition to the above, Muslims have tremendous contributions in astronomy, medicine, geography, anatomy, and civil structures.

What are some contributions the Muslims made in mathematics?

muslims have make a great contributions in mathematics

What things did Islam invent in medieval times?

Muslims staggering contributions of Muslims in Science & Technology, Medicine, Pharmacy, Mathematics, Astronomy, Geography, Philosophy and other areas in the Medieval Islamic Civilization. Refer to the related links for details.

What branch of mathematics do Muslims get credit for creating?

Algebra, although their contributions to arithmetic and geometry, as well as astronomy, were very significant.

Describe one advance made by Muslim civilization in each of the following areasa mathematics b astronomy c medicine?

The Muslims invented/discovered the concept of zero. I am not sure about these answers but this is what I got for Medicine and Astronomy.... I got these from my notes o.o Medicine: IBN Sina's The canon Of Medicine (Used in Europe as medical text book ) Astronomy: Time sense

In which field of learning did Muslims excel?

Math, Medicine, and science. _______________________________________ and geography, Astronomy, and sociology

What did Muslims give to the west?

Muslims gave the west lots of inventions and discoveries in science, mathematics, astronomy, medicine, biology, anatomy, etc. on which the west civilization was based. In the times of the Great Persians, who were scientists, it was before Mohammed.

What is the mathematical contributions by the Muslims?

Centuries ago, Islam created the mathematics of 'Trigonometry'.

What is the contribution of Islamic civilization to literature?

The Muslims contributed a lot to literature. The Qur'an, the last holy Book, is in itself a matchless book. The Muslims wrote many books on astrology, astronomy, Mathematics, Algebra, Chemistry, Medicine, and social sciences. The Muslims translated many books on various subjects written by Greek philosophers.

Why is astronomy important to Muslims?

all sciences are important to Muslims

What contributions did Muslims make on medicine?

Muslims were great doctors and nurses. They were the first to invent drugs, prescriptions, and they built hospitals. They also where the first to realize that blood circulates throughout the body.

Who developed Mathematics?


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