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the less dense liquid will float to the top and the more dense liquid will drift to the bottom

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Q: What would happen if you have 2 liquids with different densities in the same container?
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What would happen if three different liquids with different densities were dumped into one glass?

If the three liquids were mutually soluble, they'd form a single liquid whose density was between the densities of the lightest one and the heaviest one. If the three liquids were mutually immiscible, they'd settle into three layers in the container, with the highest-density liquid on the bottom and the lowest- density one on top.

What are some good science projects that involve water?

-Comparing densities of different liquids. -Ph of different water from different sources. -How tsumanis happen. -Eco systems underwater. -Filtering water.

You rapidly swirl a mixture of substances with different densities in a centrifuge what will happen?

Substances with greater densities will be pulled to the bottom of the test rube.

When does refraction happen?

Refraction occurs when light travels from one medium to another having different optical densities.

What will happen if you swirl a mixture of substances with different densities in a centrifuge?

They will separate out, with the most dense moving furthest away from the centre of rotation.

What will happen to the liquid with the lowest density?

In a mixture of different liquids, the one with the lowest density will float to the top.

What happen to a liquid that is not in a container?

If a liquid is not in a container it will evaporate.

What will happen when liquids are mix with liquids?

It depends on the type of liquids you are mixing.Miscible liquids will mix and if the are immiscible they can't mix.

What would happen if you mix 2 fluids of 2 different densities acomplete mixing?

you mix 2 fluids of 2 diffrent densetis DU

What substances can convection happen in?

in liquids and gases

What can happen if too much gas is pumped into a sealed container?

the container will break

What will happen to the container in which a exothermic reaction is carried?

the container gets heated up da.

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