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Sheffield United obviously this is for everyone Wednesday are pigs

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Both Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United are historically significant football clubs with passionate fan bases. The better team can vary based on recent performances and league standings. It ultimately comes down to personal preference and loyalty to either club.

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Q: Who is better sheff wed or sheff utd?
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Is Barnsley better than Sheff Wed?


Which footballers have played for both sheff wed and sheff utd?

wayne rooney(1991) steven gerrard(2012) frank lampard(2059) da gea(1941) cheryle cole(1981)

What are the names of all the sheff wed players?

Chris maguire,Atdhe nuhiu,Kieran lee

Who played for den bosch feyenoord sheff wed Celtic rbc roosendaal?

Regi Blinker

Who has played for den bosch feyenoord sheff wed Celtic rbc roosendaal sp rotterdam?

Regi Blinker

How many clubs have played in the premiership?

It's 42. In addition to the 20 teams that are currently there, these teams have also graced the top division since 1992: Barnsley, Birmingham, Bradford, Charlton, Coventry, Crystal Palace, Derby, Ipswich, Leeds, Leicester, MK Dons (as Wimbledon), Norwich, Nottm Forest, Oldham, QPR, Reading, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Southampton, Swindon, Watford and Wolves.

Which player has played for den bosch feyenoord sheff wed Celtic rbc roosendaal sp rotterdam?

Regi Blinker

Who is better colchster utd or sheffield utd?

Colchester utd

What was the last score between sheffield Wednesday and northampton town?

They last met on 15 Feb 1977, with Sheff Wed winning 2-0 at Northampton.

Who are the only two players to be sent off in the first minute of a premiership league game?

one is Kevin pressman for sheff wed, don't know the other

Who scored Manchester United's first goal when the premier league first started in1992?

Mark Hughes, when they lost 2-1 at Sheff Utd on 15 Aug 92.

Who is better man utd or chlesea?

because of there successful past and with all the trophies they have. It is MAN UTD!