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Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog, or Silver the Hedgehog

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Maria the Hedgehog

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It’s Shadow 😜
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Opinions vary, but many fans consider Shadow the Hedgehog to be one of the coolest characters in the Sonic the Hedgehog universe due to his edgy appearance, mysterious background, and unique abilities.

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Q: Who is the coolest sonic the hedghog character?
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Who is nazo the hedghog?

Well nazo is a unused sonic x character.

Can you play as Sonic in Shadow the Hedghog?

Only if you use the second controller whenever Sonic is your help character.

Why does Sonic the Hedgehog like chili dog?

Because chilidogs are delicious. His hunger for them is just a character trait they added to him for the show Adventures of Sonic the Hedghog from DiC.

When Sonic the hedghog came out?


Will they ever put sonia the hedghog or manic the hedghog in any sonic games?

Sadly no

Is silver playable in sonic generations?

no he is not. he is only in sonic the hedghog 2006

Which sonic game did silver the hedghog appears?

sonic the hedgehog 2006

Who create sonic the hedghog?

Yuji Naka

Is there a demo for sonic the hedghog 2006 for PC?


Is sonic the hedghog cool?

omg YEAH!

Are Silver the Hedghog and Sonic the Hedgehog brothers?


When is sonic the hedghog's birthday?

June 23rd.