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The fastest newcomer to win the WWE Championship as of October 2010 is Brock Lesnar, who won the WWE Championship at SummerSlam 2002, just five months after his debut in April the same year.

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Q: Who was the fastest new comer to win the WWE championship?
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Will sheamus win the WWE championship?

No he did not win Zach Ganyo beat him for the WWE Championship so The New WWE CHAMPION Zach Ganyo

Why is the WWE championship not in WWE?

Cm Punk did not sign a new contract but not because he doesn't like the company, he is burned out and needs some time off. The WWE championship is still in the WWE. They will have a new belt designed.

What are the new WWE championship toys?

It's a replica the WWE championship belt, sold exclusively though K-Mart or

Which championship is worth more the WWE championship or the world heavyweigh championship?

I would have to say that the WWE Championship is worth more because is has 14 kerrets of gold in it and my favorite wrestler, John Cena created the new spinner championship.

What are the notes for the green belt on recorder?

Oscar is the new wwe championship, and he is awesome.

Will WWE make a new WWE championship?

In the very far future yes. But considering John Cena just unveiled the new one a year or two ago, it will be a while.

Is the hard core Championship coming back?

It has been hinted by WWE that it is planning to bring back the Hardcore title and use it in its new brandECW as a secondary title like the Intercontinental Championship is to Raw or how the WWE United States Championship is to Smackdown, however it may be renamed under the term "Extreme Rules" than Hardcore Rules and may create a new belt to replace the broken-plated WWE Championship belt used before.

Will there be an ecw championship match?

No because ECW was bought by WWE and replaced by it's new program NXT

Will Triple H lose the championship belt?

Not in the foreseeable future. The entire reason for his being drafted to Smackdown with the WWE championship was to carry the WWE banner for the company as Smackdown transitions to the its new network. Only when that transition is solidified would WWE move someone else to the belt.

When will the WWE change the WWE championship design?

This won't happen for a while since John Cena just unveiled the new belt a year or two ago.

What does stig mean?

new comer

When is cm punk going to reveal the new WWE championship belt?

if he wins against the rock at royal rumvle. if he loses the wwe will continue to have the wwe spiiner belt or if the rock wins they might bring back the winged eagle belt , atiitiude era or undisputed championship belt

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