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I have a 760 watt amp powering 2 10" subs and it works fine. my brother has a 1000 watt amp powering 2 12" subs and he got a capacitor. So it really depends on what amp your looking at. if the 760w you wont need one, if the 1000w i would be safe and buy a capacitor. for the 1000w amp you would only need a 1 or 2 farad capacitor.

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Q: Would a 12 volt battery need to use a capacitor to run a 1000 or 760 watt amp?
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What capacitor do you need for a 1000 watt amp?

1 farad capacitor

What size capacitor you need for a 1000 watts amplifier?

1 farad capacitor

What capacitor value is good for car battery?

A car battery does not need a capacitor as it's regulating capacity (when in good condition) is well above any capacitor you can fit into your car.

What is the difference between a DC capacitor and battery?

Both a capacitor and battery "store charge". However, in a battery there is a chemical reaction that continues to generate charge. You apply a charge across the "plates" of a capacitor and it will decay over time from leakage or through a discharge resistance to ground in the circuit. You need really large capacitors to store meaningful amounts of charge, to take the place of a battery for example.

Why don't use bypass capacitor in common collector?

You would use a supply bypass capacitor in a common collector amplifier... It's necessary, to give the positive supply rail a direct AC connection to ground. Without it, I don't think the amplifier would work properly. However, if you're using a power supply and not a battery, then chances are that it HAS a big capacitor inside it, eliminating the need for any external capacitor.

How many farads capacitor do you need for a 2000 watt amp?

It takes 1 farad for every 1000 watts so u need 2 farads.

Can blackberry 8900 connect to tv?

No, you would need an alternating capacitor to connect.

How long would an 8 Amp hr battery last with 75mA current draw?

You need to know that 1 amp equals 1000 miliamps.

What size 12 volt battery would you need to run a 1000 watt inverter for 15 minutes?

When using the Inverter the CCU can be adapted to the users needs. A regular 12 volt battery would work on any small devices.

What size battery for a 75 hp mercury outboard?

The 75 hp Mercury outboard will need a starting battery in the 650 CCA range, although, up to 1000 CCA would work just fine.

Can you use a 25K capacitor instead of a 2.2K capacitor?

In general, no. You need to use the correct capacitor as designed for the circuit.

How do you tell if capacitor is working?

If were talking about a battery cap for a car stereo, it would be less light dimming and better hits from your woofers. Otherwise you need a voltage meter or something, I have no clue other than my first sentence.

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