12 divide by 6 equals

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.5 or 1/2

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Q: 12 divide by 6 equals
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What is 74 divide by 6 equals a?


What is the answer ofthe mean of 5 and 7?

The mean is 6.To get this answer you first add 5 and 7 which equals 12.Then you divide by how many numbers you added which is you divide 12 by 2 which equals 6.

How do you put 12 over 72 into simplest form?

You first have to find there greatest common factor (the biggest number that can be divide into both numbers) in this case it would be 12. You then divide 12 by 12 which equals 1.Then divide 12 by 72 which equals 6. Then you put your numerator or top number over your denominator or bottom number. Which should leave you with 1 over 6

What is something times 6 equals 72?

Suppose n*6 = 72 Divide both sides of the equation by 6: n = 12

How do you solve 12 equals 2x plus 6?

12 = 2x + 6 subtract 6 from both sides 6 = 2x divide both sides by 2 3 = x

What is the answer to this x equals 12 equals?

6 +6 = 12

3m - 12 equals -6?

3m - 12 = -6 Add 12 to both sides, so m is by itself: 3m = 6 Now divide both sides by 3 to find the answer: m = 2

How do you convert fractions into decimals in the easiest way?

if the fraction is, say, 6/12, then divide the top number by the bottom number to get a decimal. 6 divided by 12 equals 0.5 The decimal of 6/12 is 0.5

How do you divide 84 into 6 equals?


What is the answer to '-12-6x equals 12-10x'?

-12-6x=12-10x we can add 12 to both sides, getting: -6x=24-10x then we can add 10x to both sides: 4x=24 divide both sides by 4: x=6 the answer is x equals 6.

What divide by 7 equals 6?

It is 42/7 = 6

What 42 divide by 12 equals?


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