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a fat molecule, or a lipid.

Two common fats formed are saturated and unstaurated

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1 triglyceride

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Q: 1 glycerol plus 3 fatty acids equals what?
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Lipid plus water equals fatty acids plus glycerol?


The term for glycerol plus two fatty acids is?


What plus 3 fatty acids will get 1 lipid plus something?

1 glycerol + 3 fatty acids = 1 lipid + 1 water

3 fatty acids plus 1 glycerol?

its equaled to a lipid

What name is given to glycerol plus fatty acid-monoglyceride plus water?

Glycerol plus Fatty acid-monoglyceride plus water forms through condensation reaction a Triglyceride

What is a tryglyceride?

A triglycerol is not the same as a tryglyceride. Be careful. Triglycerol is essentially 3 glycerol molecules hooked together by ether bonds. A triglyceride is a glycerol molecule with 3 fatty acids attached via ester bonds (it is a lipid).

What fat like substance found in every cell in the body naturally occurring?

Triglycerides are composed of glycerol plus three fatty acids.

What is this chemical reaction fatty acids plus triglyceride plus water?

Dehydration of fatty acids

What type of molecules is vegetable oil made of?

Vegetable oils, and all plant oils or fats, consist almost entirely of "triglycerides." Some plaint oils such as palm oil (obtained from the plant's fruit and not it's seed) contain a small percentage of mono- and diglycerides in addition to the majority of molecules that are triglycerides.The short, technical answer to your question is that vegetable oil is a mixture of many different triglycerides typically composed of 7-12 different fatty acid esters of glycerol. All triglycerides are formed from one molecule of glycerol and threefatty acid molecules. (The suffix "tri" means three.) If you are not already familiar with the structure of "glycerol," and the general structures of a "fatty acid" and an "ester," then I recommend that you look of the definitions and chemical structures of those compounds on one of the popular internet search engines.Glycerol, also called glycerine, contains three -OH, or hydroxyl, groups. Triglycerides are formed when the carboxylic acid ends of three fatty acids each chemically react with one of the three hydroxyl groups on glycerol. This reaction forms three fatty acid ester linkages with glycerol, that is it forms a triglyceride, plus three molecules of water.Finally, there are at least two dozen, relatively common, naturally-occuring fatty acids. However, all fatty acids have on one end a -COOH, or carboxylic acid, group. I'm sure you can imagine that if there are, let's say 25 different fatty acids, each of which can form an ester linkage with one of the three hydroxyl groups on glycerol, then that adds up to many hundreds or possibly even thousands of different combinations of glycerol and any three fatty acids. That is why vegetable oil is a mixture of triglycerides.

What are fatty acids are composed of?

fatty acids:im not sure yet so look on google!!Fatty acids form the building blocks of phospholipids and glycolipids. These are amphipathic molecules and this characteristic feature makes them as a significant section of the biological membranes.Proteins which need to serve the signaling purposes are modified by the fatty acids by the formation of covalent bonding between the two. This facilitates these proteins to reach their targets located on the membrane cells accurately.Fatty acids are the top fuel molecules inside the body which release enormous energy on burning.Eva-examville tutor

What is the difference saturate and unsaturated fats?

Fats are made out of fatty acids and glycerol. Fatty acid = alkyl group ( long carbon chain basically) plus a carboxyl group but thats not the improtant part. Fatty acids can undergo dehydration with glycerol to make a triglyceride which is the conventional fat in foods and stuff etc. There difference between saturated and unsaturated fats is the long carbon chain. The long carbon chain which can have double bonds or not. A double bond decreases the maximum number of hydrogen atoms joined to the carbon atoms so they dont have the most hydrogen atoms a they could do so they are unsaturated. Satured = no double bonds.

What are the basic unit of lipids?

The basic fat in your body to keep you warm. Lipids are made up of waxes, oils, and fatty acids.Lipids are composed of one glycerol molecule plus 3 fatty acids.