3 ways animals find food

Updated: 4/28/2022
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They rely on their primary senses, such as smelling out the prey, seeing the prey, and hearing the prey.

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Q: 3 ways animals find food
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In what ways are animals similar and different?

Most animals can move on their own, find their own food, and all animals give birth to young. About 97% of all animals don't have backbones while about 3% have backbones.

Tell me 3 ways of How camouflaging animals helps animals?

1.helps them hide when theres preditors about 2.helps them catch there food 3can flee from a battle and not get found easily

What is a girbil?

they are cute and cuddly house animals that love humans and eat gerbil food you will find it in a pet store also they are not dangerous most of them are not :) :(

How are animals like other animals?

Here is a list of ways animals are like other animals. 1.They need a place to live or habitat. 2.They need food and water. 3.There is a male and a female of every kind of animal. 4.They have internal organs like lungs hearts stomach. 5.They have offspring or babies. 6. They have ways of protecting them selves.

What are 3 ways a species could go extinct?

species can become extinct when people kill all the animals or their habitat is completely destroyed and they can't find food, and other animals kill and eat that species. a third way is that all the animals get a disease that kills the entire species

What are 3 needs of animals?

food, water, shelter

What can living things do?

1.They can produce food. 2.They can grow. 3.They can produce oxygen. This is only for plants who produce food Animals can find their own food they can not produce it. they grow and develop and they dont produce oxygen

How long do hamsters live if it is lost?

Only like 3 to 5 days because hamsters are really small animals and easy food to bigger animals. It also depends where it is lost. If it's lost in a garden then it won't last as long as if it's in the kitchen because it can find food. Hopefully you can find it.

3 ways in which the Amerindian uptain there food?

outline three ways in which the ameridians obtain their foods

What 3 animals compete for food?

Lions, hyenas, and cheetahs.

What are 3 reasons to visit Italy?

The landscape, the food, and the animals

Why do animals depend on other animals?

well, there are many ways why animals should depend on each other. #1. Because they need food without that they will not be able to survive. #2. some animals depend on animals for hygene such as the hippo, the hippo has a bird name the egrets that eats and takes all the germs and insect that rests on the hippos back for the hippo can be clean ,also the crocodile and the plover. #3.we also are animals and we count on our dogs and other fellow animals to protect us. so protection, food , hygene are why animals depend on each other