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There are 78 girls in the school.


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Q: 66 boys are in a school There are 12 less boys than girls in this school How many girls are there?
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The ratio of girls to boys at your school is 7 to 5 if there are 275 boys how many girls are there?

385 girls

How do you have cheerlearders in a all boys high school?

Many all-boys schools have an affiliated nearby all-girls school. The girls from that school are often the cheerleaders for the boys' school teams.

A school has 1500 students There are 2 x as many girls than boys How many girls and boys are in the school?

Suppose there are b boys in the school. Then there are 2*b girls. So there are 2b + b = 3b girls and boys 3b = 1500 so b = 500 and then 2b = 1000 So there are 500 boys and 1000 girls.

Do girls support their high school more than boys?

depends on the school school event and how many girls and boys there are so if you are talking football games boys probally if its cheerleading more girls

In the village school the ratio of boys to girls is 4 to 5 if there are 152 boys how many girls are there?

190 girls

At a school dance the ratio of boys to girls was 2 to 3 If there were 60 boys there how many girls were at the dance?

90 girls

There are 351 children in a school there are 7 boys to 6 girls how many boys are there?

189 boys

There are 4 times as many girls as boys in school there are 54 more girls than boys how many children are there all together?

72 girls and 18 boys for a total of 90.

If there is a school bus with 36 kids . there are 8 more boys then girlshow many boys and how many girls?

if there are only 8 MORE boys then girls then there are: 14 girls and 22 boysif there are 8 TIMES more boys than girls then there are: 32 boys and 4 girls

A school has 240 pupils 40 are boys how many pupils are girls?

boys + girls = pupils → 40 + girls = 240 → girls = 240 - 40 = 200

32 children in a class 15 are boys if the ratio of boys to girls is the same throughout the school and there are 135 boys in the schoolhow many girls are there?