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The sound pressure level of 80 dB is a 10 times higher measure than the sound pressure level of 60 dB.

Louder ist not the correct word, because it belongs to psycho acoustics and tells the loudness feeling.

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Q: 80 decibels is how many times louder than 60 decibels?
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How much louder is 10 decibels than 0 decibels?

It's 10 times louder. It is easily looked up.. Example of source:

How loud is decibels?

2 million times louder than whatever your reference level is.

How loud is 54 decibels?

2 million times louder than whatever your reference level is.

A sound that measures decibels is 1000 times louder than the threshold of hearing?

A sound that is 1000 times louder than the threshold of hearing would register at 120 decibels, which is comparable to a thunderclap or a jackhammer. Our threshold of hearing is around 0 decibels, making a 1000-fold increase quite loud.

How loud can vuvuzela get?

A vuvuzela makes a noise of 127 decibels, louder than a chainsaw.

How many times louder is an air raid siren than a lorry?

8 times louder

You want to measure how much louder 95 decibels is than the threshold of sound?

Take a sound pressure level meter and measure it. 95 decibels means over the is 0 decibels is the threshold of hearing. 95 decibels means the measure over 0 decibels.

Which is louder 60 or 70 decibels?

40 dB gain change should give about the ratio of 16 for sensed volume and loudness, 40 dB gain change gives the ratio of 100 for measured voltage and sound pressure and 40 dB gain change gives the ratio of 1000 for calculated sound power and acoustic intensity. Go to the link: Subjectively perceived loudness (volume), objectively measured sound pressure (voltage), and theoretically calculated sound intensity (acoustic power).

What is louder than 10 mega-decibels walks slower than a sloth always wait for red-invoices and recently took up drawing and paper engineering?


Does Lion make louder sound than North American bullfrog?

Well it can differ but on average the American bull frog is about 10 decibels higher

What level on a sound meter constitutes harmful to your ears?

There is not a set level for everyone. It is recommended that a sound level of 90 decibels not be continued longer than 8 hours. Also, OSHA prohibits exposure to sounds louder than 115 decibels without hearing protection.

Normal speech measures 60 dB A busy street measures 70 dB How many times louder is the busy street than normal speech?

70 dB is 10 times louder than 60 dB.