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what is whole person impairment rating and how does it relate to disability rating

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2009-05-12 05:58:29
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Q: 8 percent whole person impairment what does it mean?
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What does 5 percent upper extremity impairment rating into 3 percent whole person rating mean?

3 percent disability partial body

What is a 7 percent whole body impairment mean from work comp?


What does currently disabled mean?

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, a disabled individual is a person who: has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities; has a record of such impairment; and lastly, is regarded to have such impairment.

You have reached maximum medical improvment with 5 percent impairment rating what does that mean?

witha 5% impairment rating how much money do you get workmens comp MMI means that's as good as you are going to get. The 5% impairment rating mean the doctor feels you have a certain degree of disability in the injured area for 5% you will get a couple thousand maybe 1-2. Not much though. 5 percent is low. The injury must have healed nicely.

What is the mean of impairment of the assets?

what is mean by assets register?

What does percent mean?

Percentage means a part or whole out of one hundred.

Percent purity greater than 100 percent?

percent purity could simply mean the whole percent which is a 100%?(well, put question)

What does percent of change mean in math?

percentage of the whole number that you are taking away

What is impairment rating of lower back?

i rec a 27 impairment rating for lower back after fce test what does this mean

What does whole person relationships mean?

totally committed

What does 1.96078431 mean?

It means one whole thing and 96.078431 percent of another one.

How do you express 0.09 percent as a whole number?

you mean as a rational number?..if rational: 9/100..and i believe it cannot be made whole..

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