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(132 - 79 = 53)

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Q: A basketball coach won 132 games He won 79 more games than he lostAbout how many games did he lose?
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How many basketball games can you lose before you get fired?

There is no set amount of game you can lose before getting fired. A coach can't get fired by losing games, it's a team decision. And for a player they can't get fired period. The team can decide if he chooses to be traded out or he can leave as a free agent

How many games did spurrier lose in the swamp?

As the Gators head coach, he was 68-5.

Who is the worst basketball coach in history?

Alex Compton, head coach of the Alaska Aces in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), is considered the worst basketball coach in history. After leading his team to a 3-0 lead in the 2016 Philippine Cup best of seven finals he allowed their opponent, San Miguel, to win 4 straight games to win the championship; thus earning Alaska the dubious title of being the first team in basketball history to lose a best of seven finals series after leading it 3-0.

What is the longest streak for an NCAA basketball team to not lose two games in a row?


If a basketball coach is throwed out of the game and her and her players walk off the court does the other team win and can a parent come and take her place and coach the rest of the game?

No, it means you forfeit the whole game and you lose

Im what summer did the Olympics did the us lose its first basketball game?

The finals of the 1972 Games in Munich.

Does a coach lose a timeout if the challenge relults in a change in distance but no first down?

If any challenge goes in favor of the coach, the timeout is not deducted. So for your question, No, the coach does not lose a timeout.

Can you lose weight playing basketball everyday?

yes you can lose weight playing basketball, it doesn't have to be everyday but it takes time. When you play sports that you are active in you lose weight.

Can soccer coach lead a club and international team in a same time?

no,the coach will lose concentration

When did the United States first lose at basketball in the Olympics?

That was in the gold medal game of the 1972 Games in Munich when the USSR defeated the US, 51-50. The United States had won 63 consecutive Olympic basketball games up to that point.

In what year did the us basketball team lose the gold medal and who did they lose it to?

2000 lithuania

What can you do at the YMCA to lose weight?

play basketball and swim

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