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Q: A classroom will seat 80 people. If 56 seats are filled what percentage of the seats are filled?
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How many different ways can the front row seats be filled with 20 students if the classroom has 4 rows of seats?

If there are 4 rows of seats for 20 students, then each row must have 5 seats.20 students can fill 5 seats in (20 x 19 x 18 x 17 x 16) = 1,860,480 different ways.

What relationship exists between the census and the distrubution of seats among the states in the house of represenatives?

In 1929 Congress passed the Reapportionment Act that allowed a permanent plan for the 435 seats in the House of Representatives to be filled consistently. These seats are to be filled when a census of the people living in the states are completed and are to be based on the numbers.

How do you get tickets to the Oscars?

You can try This website hires people to fill empty seats or to sit in celebrity's seats when they get up, so all the chairs look filled when the venue is on camera.

1 When Kelly got on board The Polar Express there were 31 seats available The train has a total of 159 seats How many seats were already filled?


How many seats are needed for a majority in the lower house of the Indian parliament if all seats allowed by the constitution are filled?


Cumbersome in a sentence?

Her down-filled coat was cumbersome in the small airplane seats.

Who sat at the front of a Greek theater?

The wealthiest people had the prime seats, and the less wealthy Greeks filled in everywhere else in the theater. When there was a performance, there was very rarely an empty seat.

What is the percentage of 112 seats out of 560?

percentage = 20%% rate:= 112/560 * 100%= 0.20 * 100%= 20%

How many where at neil diamond at croke park?

there are 95,000 seats that night roughly 85,000 were filled

How many seats are needed for a majority in the lower house of the Indian parliament if all seats allowed by constitution are filled?

none the lower parliament got destroyed in 2008

What is the percentage of people that sit on the right middle and left side in the back seat?

The answer is 50% Right 30% Left 20% Middle and this is including car seats

36 people how many seats does it have if each row olds 6 people?

If all seats are occupied and everyone has a seat there are 36 seats