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180 days is equivalent to 180 x 24 x 60 = 259200 minutes

If the clock gains 25 seconds per minute then it will gain 25 x 259200 = 6480000 seconds.

(This converts to 75 days)

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Shouldn't it be 259200 x 0.25 since we gain only 0.25 per minute

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Q: A clock gains 0.25 seconds per minute how many seconds will the clock gain in exactly 180 days?
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If a clock gains 19 and one fourth seconds in one week how many seconds will it gain in one day?

I really don't know

A clock that gains 20 seconds an hour will gain how many minutes a day?

50 minutes per day.

a clock was set correctly to 12:00 .it gains exactly 20 mins every hour .it now shows 20:00 what is the correct time now?


I started my two clocks at the same. one is slow and loses 2 minutes every hour the other one is fast and gains 1 minute every hour. how long will it take for the faster clock to be 1 hour ahead?

20 hours because the fast clock technically gains 3 minutes every hour. An hour has 60 minutes, so if you divide that by 3 you get 20.

Grandma's clock gains 15 minutes every hour she begins at midday after dinner her clock reads 720 what is time on Grandma's clock?


A clock shows the time as 6 am if the minute hand gains 2 minutes every hour. how many minutes will the clock gain by 9 pm?

according to the given condition : 6am to 9 pm=15 hrs in one hour the clock gain 2 mins therefore, let the clock gain a mins in 15 hours 1hour=2min 15hours=amins a=15x2 =30 mins ans:the clock will gain 30 mins in 15 hours

When does the shot clock start in the nba?

Answer1954: The NBA adopts the shot clock. A team must attempt a shot within 24 seconds or lose possession. The shot clock is reset when the ball contacts the rim or backboard, or when the defensive team gains control of the ball. fun fact: the shot clock was introduced to increase game attendance and fans of the game, because it made the game more interesting and it created a challenge!

A clock that gains 30 second every hour will gain how many minutes in a day?

A clock that gain 30 second every hour will gain how many minutes in a day?

Grans clock gains 15 mins every hour she sets it exacly at midday arter dinner her watch reads 720 what is the time on her clock?

Grans clock will say it isÊ9:10 PM when her watch says it is 7:20 PM. This is a fun math question to have kids complete.Ê

How can you accelerate a long clock pendulum?

You screw the adjuster up making the weight higher on the pendulum this will make your clock faster----but only a couple of turns at a time then if it goes to fast screw it down a little you will have to see if your clock gains time over a 24hr period and make adjustments as needed.

Why do you have to change the clocks time at all?

You may have to change the time on your clock for many reasons. The most common is probably daylight saving. Clocks may be a little fast or slow, eg. gains a second every 24 hours. Also some old-fashioned clocks may need to be winded regularly for the clock to work, and if you forget, it is taken for granted that you would like the correct time. Also, if, for example, your school bell times are important, you may change your clock to reflect the time of the bells.The only clock which doesn't need changing clock time is the atomic clock, because what it does is it measures some things in the air (octo-something) and it performs a complicated mathematical equation to figure out exactly what time it is.

If Watch 1 gains 1 hour every day and Watch 2 gains 20 minutes if both are set correctly at 900 AM on Monday when both be correct at the same time?

If it is a 12 hour clock then on 9 pm on the Tuesday of the sixth week they will both be correct.