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What about this coardboard cube? What would you like to know? Its dimension

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Q: A coardboard cube constructed to have the same volume as 1mole of hydrogen at STP?
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The volume of 1mole of hydrogen bromide at STP is 22.4 liters The gram-formula mass of hydrogen bromide is 80.9 grams per mole What is the density of hydrogen bromide at STP?

3.61g/L D=m/v

How can 1mole of hydrogen gas occupy 22.4ltrs of volume when you know that a gas occupies all the space available to it?

At standard temperature and pressure. This means that, more or less, there are 6.022 X 10^23 diatomic molecules of H2 in that much volume. ( the volume not being under more than standard pressure; 760mm/Hg ) In twice the volume about twice the molecules under STP.

How can you tell there is more oxygen in hydrogen peroxide than in water?

In 1 mole of water, the total amount of oxygen is only 16g. But the amount of the same in 1mole of Hydrogen peroxide is 32g. So more oxygen is present in hydrogen peroxide than in water.

Is 1 liter equal to 1 mole?

No. A liter is a volume measurement for fluids (liquids and gases). A mole is 6.022 x 1023 of anything. In gases at STP, 22.4L = 1mole.

What volume would result if a balloon were filled with 10.0 grams of Chlorine gas at STP?

10.0gCl*1 mole Cl*22.4Cl L/ 35.45g Cl* 1mole Cl=6.32L Cl

How much volume does 1 mole of a gas occupy at NTP?

PV=nRT. So at ntp P=1bar. If n= 1mole. R= .082. T=273K. Then 1V=1.273 .082. v=22.44 l of gas

How many moles of ammonium bromide can be produced from 250 moles of bromine and 600 moles of ammonia?

Ther answer is none! ammonium bromide is made from hydrogen bromide and ammonia NH3 + HBr = NH4Br i mole of each makes 1mole of ammonium salt.

How do you calculate the number of atoms in a block of aluminum that is 2 cm x 4 cm x 1 cm?

Volume of block = 8cm3. The density of Al is 2.7 g/cm3 Density = mass/volume Mass=Density*Volume Mass= 21.6g 21.6g Al *(1mole/26.98g) = .8 moles Al .8moles*(6.022*1023atoms/mole) = 4.82*1023 atoms

How many particles are present in 1mole of a pure substance?

The number of Avogadro is 6,022 140 857(74).10e23.

What mass of hydrogen contains the same number of atoms as 7.00g of nitrogen?

Let's see. 7.00 grams nitrogen (1 mole N/14.01 grams)(6.022 X 10^23/1 mole N) = 3.01 X 10^23 atoms of nitrogen 3.01 X 10^23 ( 1mole H/6.022 X 10^23)(1.008 grams/1 mole H) = 0.504 grams of hydrogen

What is the number of manganese atoms that equal a mass of 54.94 g?

54.94g Manganese = 1mole = 6.023 x 1023 atoms

How many moles of hydrogen sulfide are contained in a 64.6-g sample of this gas?

H2S 63.1 g H2S * 1 mol H2S / 34.076 g H2S = 1.85 mol H2S