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This is a 20% decrease in price.

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Q: A coat was reduced by 56 from the original price of 280 what is the percent of decrease?
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What is the original price for 31.50 reduced by 30 percent?

If 31.50 is the reduced price, the original price was 45.00.

What is the original price of an item that is 31.30 reduced by 30 percent?

If 31.30 is the reduced price, the original price was 44.72

If a television is on sale for 575 and is reduced by 5 percent what is the original price?

The original price was $605.26

The price of a computer was reduced from 700 to 900 What is the percent decrease?

Approximately 22.22%

Shoes regularly pried at 55 are on sale for 41.25 what is the percent decrease from the original price to the sale price?

The decrease is 25%.

What is original price of an item if a discount of 20 percent reduced the price to 100?

$125 was the original price : 80% of 125 is 100.

A store is having a 20 percent off sale if the reduced price of an item is 63.60 what was its original price?

The original price was $79.50

How do you find the price of a decrease when the percent is giving?

The discounted price will be = original price x (100 - %discount) / 100

A pair of shoes sells for 45 If the price was reduced by 25 percent what was the original price?

60 Dollars

What does it mean if a jacket is 25 percent off?

the original price is reduced by a quater/ 25 %

What was his original markup if the price at a sale was reduced by 20 percent but the bookseller still had a mark up of 20 percent?

The original mark up was 50%.

What is an item that was selling for 72.00 is reduced to 60.00. Find the percent decrease in price. Round your answer to the nearest tenth.?