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The prop job has a two-hour head-start, so is (200 x 2) = 400 miles in the lead when the jet starts out.

The jet catches up by (500 - 200) = 300 miles per hour.

The jet overtakes the prop in (400 / 300) = 4/3 hour after starting out.

By that time, the jet has covered (500 x 4/3) = 2,000/3 miles.
The prop has covered (400) + (200 x 4/3) = (400 + 800/3) = 2,000/3 miles.

Fortunately for the math, they are in the same place ...

2,000/3 = [666 and 2/3] miles from the starting point.

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Q: A jet plane traveling at 500 mph overtakes a propeller plane traveling at 200 mph that had a 2 hour head startHow far from the starting point are the planes?
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