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Q: A ladder should be erected at an angle to the ground of A 35 degrees B 75 degrees C 65 degrees D 85 degrees?
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What is safe angle of inclination of ladder?

About 15 degrees. Many, if not most, extension ladders today have a sticker on the side that shows a line that should be parallel to the ground when the ladder is at the proper safe angle.

An extension ladder's distance from the base of a building should be what proportion of it's total extension?

It is not a proportion. There needs to be aroubd a 75 degree angle from the ground to the base. If it is too flat the ladder can slip out from underneath you. If it is too steep you can tip back. There is usually an angle at the bottom of the ladder if that is flat on the ground then that should be the safest angle (75 degrees)

A ladder is leaning against a wall If the angle is between the ground and the ladder at 60 degrees and the wall is 4m how long is the ladder Give exact values?

If the angle between the ladder and the ground is 60 deg, and you know the angle between the ground and the wall is 90 deg, then you have a 30-60-90 degree triangle, which is a common triangle. You should memorize this one. The commonest sides of this right triangle are 4-5-6, with the longest side being the hypoteneuse, in this case the ladder leaning from the ground to the wall. The wall is 4m high, the base of the ladder would be 5m out from the wall, and the length of the ladder is 6m.

How is a combination ladder used?

A combination ladder can be used in various configurations, such as an extension ladder, step ladder, or staircase ladder. It typically has adjustable locking mechanisms to secure it in the desired position. Users should always make sure the ladder is on stable ground and follow safety guidelines when climbing.

What is the safety guidelines on working on a ladder?

OSHA rules normally dictate the proper use of a stepladder. Equipment should not be balanced on ladders, and on high ladders a lead line or lanyard should be used, and buddy should stabilize the ladder at the base. Slide brakes should be engaged. Some ladders have spikes to embed them into soil. Look up the OSHA rules.

What is the safety rules and safety symbols?

Ladder SafetyMake sure that your ladder is sturdy.Make sure the ladder is on level ground and secure.The ladder should be opened completely and locked in place.When using a ladder outdoors, make sure the location is away from power lines.When using extension ladders, use the 4-to-1 rule. For each four feet of distance between the ground and upper point of contact (such as the wall or roof) move the base of the ladder out one foot.When climbing the ladder, always face the ladder.Shoes should have slip resistant soles, such as rubber soles.Gauge your safety on a ladder by your belt buckle. Center your body on the ladder and if your buckle goes beyond the ladder's rail you can risk falling due to over reaching.Rungs should always be dry when using a ladder.On a step ladder, the second rung from the top is the highest safe level you should use. For an extension ladder, the fourth rung from the top is the highest safe level you should use (check with the manufacturers recommendations for your particular ladder). FOR MORE INFORMATION AND VIDEO GO TO: is one of the questions that safety training program courses can answer. By giving your employees the right OSHA, WHMIS or Hazwoper course, they will be educated with all of the safety rules and safety symbols they may encounter at their work.

A painter is painting a mural on a wall. He has a 20-foot ladder. He needs to work on a part of the wall that is 16 feet above the ground. How far from the base of the building should he place the foo?

Using Pythagoras' theorem the the foot of the ladder should be 12 feet away from the base of the building.

Approximately how far should the bottom of the ladder be from the base of the wall?

1/4 the height of the ladder. (flat top on rungs should be level when ladder is placed right.

8 foot ladder how far from the wall should you place the base of the ladder?

It should be placed 2 ft from the wall

How does one use roof ladders outside the home?

A roof ladder or an extension ladder can be used for accessing the roof of one's home. One should take precautions when using a roof ladder to ensure safety. One should position the ladder so the bottom of the ladder is away from the wall one foot for every four feet in height it will be raised. The top of the ladder should be extended no more than four feet above the roof line. One should keep their body in the center of the rungs as they climb the ladder.

When should I plant dahlia bulbs?

Plant your dahlias in April or May when the ground is 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

What angle is a ladder fixed at on scaffolding?

A ladder should be place at 1m form the base of the scaffold .