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3(x+5) or 3x+15

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Q: A number x increased by 5 and then tripled?
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A number is increased by eight and then it is tripled?


What is a number tripled?

A number tripled is a number multiplied by 3. For the variable x, x tripled would be 3x.

What if 5 is added to a number and the sum is tripled?

You will have 3(x + 5) or 3x + 15

What is a unknown number tripled?

Ummm... I really don't know what you are trying to ask with this question so I will answer your question with variables. An unknown number tripled is 3x So you can substitute any number for x and it will be tripled. For example: if x=2, then the answer would be 6, which is tripled from 2.

What is a number increased by 5 and then squared?


What is the variable for a number increased by five?

x + 5

What number when increased by 1 and doubled and then increased by 5 has a result that is the same as when the number is increased by 1?

let x be the number, then: (x + 1) × 2 + 5 = x + 1 → 2x + 2 + 5 = x + 1 → 2x + 7 = x + 1 → 2x - x = 1 - 7 → x = -6 The number is -6. Checking: -6 +1 = -5; 5 × 2 = -10; -10 + 5 = -5 which is the same as -6 + 1 = -5.

What is five tripled?


What if 5 is added to a number and the sum is tripled the result is 23 more than the number?


A number is increased by 8 and then divided by 5 the result is 20 find this number?

x+8+x/5 = 20 x = 10

A certain number decreased by 4 is equal to 8 increased by the quotient of the same number and 5 What is the number?

x-4=8+x/5 5(x-4)=5(8+x/5) 5x-20=8+x 4x=28 x=7

23 increased by twice a number is 5. Find the number?

23 + 2X = 5 2X = -18 X = -9

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