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The Answer:This can be reformulated into 9 out of 15, or the ratio 9/15.

9/15 = 3/5 = .6 = 60%

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2010-01-08 22:49:14
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Q: A test of 15 questions and answer 9 correct what is your percentage?
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How do you do percentage of 15 questions?

Each correct answer is worth 100/15 = 6.66 (recurring) %.

What is the percent if 7 questions were wrong out of 22 questions on a test?

7 wrong out of 22 questions = 31.8% wrong. 15 correct out of 22 questions = 68.2% correct. I hope it wasn't a math test.

What percentage would you get if you missed 6 questions out of 15?

% of correct answers = 60% = (15 - 6)/15 * 100% = 9/15 * 100% = 60%

What score do you need to pass an Pennsylvania permit test?

the test has 18 questions. you need to answer at least 15 correct to pass.

How many questions in the pa drivers permit test?

18 you gotta get 15 out of the 18 correct to pass.

What is the percentage of 6 wrong out of 15 questions?

40 percent wrong questions. To calculate the percentage 6 divided by 15 and multiplied by 100.

How many questions are on the Oklahoma driving permit test?

There are 20 questions in total and you are allowed to miss 5 questions at most. I suggest skipping questions you don't know and then answer them later if you can't answer 15 correct.

A test consists of 15 true false questions what is the probability if the student guesses on all 15 questions?

What is the probability of what?Guessing them all correctly?Getting half of the correct?Getting them all wrong?PLEASE be specific with your questions if you want WikiAnswers to help.

What is percentage on 15 wrong questions out of 70?


73 questions How many questions did you miss to get 79 percent?

73 questions on the test, all worth the same credit. Score 79% means you got -- 58 correct (79.452%) -- 15 wrong (20.548%)

What is the percentage of 5 wrong out of 15 questions?

5/15 *100 = 331/3 % (this is the percentage wrong) 10/15 *100 = 662/3 % (the percentage right)

What is the percent if 6 questions were wrong out of 15 questions on a test?

40% were wrong.

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