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180 m

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Q: An athlete runs 105 m south and 80 m west How far is he from the starting point?
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An athlete runs 105 m south and 80 m westhow far is he from the starting point?

Is this a trick question? If he started from the North Pole, he is still 105 m south of his starting point. If it is a straight question, then he is sqrt(1052 + 802) m = sqrt(11025 + 6400) m = sqrt(17425) m = 132.004 metres from his starting point.

What is an imaginary line that runs north and south and is the starting point for east?

Prime Meridian

What is the origin for athlete?

the origin for athlete is the a person who runs take track and works out

If an athlete runs once around a track back to the starting line is her average velocity zero?

Yes, the lazy bum has done no work at all.

A marathon runner runs 6 miles south and 8 miles east How far is the runner from the starting point?

14 miles on the route he took. 10 miles if you mean in a straight line.

What athlete runs the most during a game?


What is the north and the south pole?

A line that runs from the north pole to the south pole is called a line of longitude.

What line of latitude runs through the island of new zealand?

Cape Farewell (40o29') is the northern most point of the South island, and Slope Point (46o40')is the southernmost point of the South Island. The southernmost point of Stewart Island is South Cape (47o17'). My computer map is only of the S. Island.

Can you catch the train from absecon to point pleasant?

No the train runs one town south to Bayhead only! otherwise north of Point Pleasant Beach.

If a Chinese athlete runs away after the Olympics will their family in China be punished?


What are the ending points if the prime meridian?

The prime meridian runs through the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London, and extends to the North and South Poles. It serves as the starting point for measuring longitude and divides the Earth into the Eastern and Western Hemispheres.

An athlete can run 9 kilometersin 1 hour if an athlete runs at the same time average speed for 30 minutes how far will the athele travel?

4.5 kilometers