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The elevator is rated at 2500 lbs (10 X 250) and you have 2680 lbs aboard. You are exceeding the maximum weight rating by 180 lbs.

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Q: An elevator is rated to safely hold ten 250 lb people The elevator is loaded as follows three 600 pounds cartons of books Jim 180 pounds Gavin 330 pounds Deb 250 pounds and Susan 120 pounds In actuali?
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An elevator is rated to safely hold ten 250 lb people The elevator is loaded as follows three 600 lbs cartons of books Jim 180 lbs Gavin 330 lbs Deb 250 lbs and Susan 120 lbs In act?

Gavin and Deb need to take the stairs.

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A fully loaded slow-moving freight elevator has a cab with a total mass of 1400 kg which is required to travel upward 45 m in 4.7 min starting and ending at rest The elevator's counterweight has a?

The elevator's counterweight must have a mass of 1400 kg in order to balance the loaded cab. The work done is given by W = F*d, where F is the force required to lift the cab and d is the distance traveled. Using this, we can calculate the work done by the elevator to lift the cab upward 45 m. The elevator's power output can also be calculated using the work done and the time taken to complete the task.

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What did Elisha Otis invent?

Elisha Otis is known for building the first modern passenger elevator which used his invention of a safety device which prevented the car from falling if the cables broke. The elevator safety brake was first demonstrated at the Crystal Palace Exposition in New York in 1854. After ascending in his new elevator, Otis called for the elevator's cable to be cut with an axe. Instead of falling, the elevator platform held, secured by a brake using toothed guiderails in the elevator shaft and a spring-loaded bar that automatically caught in the toothed rail of the elevator car if the cable failed. Today, the Otis Elevator Company is the world's largest company in the manufacture and service of elevators, escalators, moving walks and people-moving equipment.

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How Counter weight calculated in elevators?

The counterweight in elevators is typically designed to be around half the weight of the elevator car when fully loaded, to help balance the weight and reduce the amount of work the elevator motor needs to do. It is calculated based on the maximum load capacity of the elevator car and the weight of the car itself when it is empty. The counterweight moves in the opposite direction of the elevator car to help offset the weight imbalance and ensure smoother operation.

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