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If it is a straight line, then the equation is linear.

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Q: An equation where the graph of all solutions lies on a line?
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An equation where the graph of all solutions lies on a line is called?


What is an equation where the graph of all solutions lies on a line?

There are an infinite number of equations that meet that requirement. One of them is y = x

What does the graph of a line represent?

It represents all solutions to the linear equation.

What has an infinite number of solutions?

A single equation in two variables is, for example. Its graph is a line, and every point on the line is a solution.

What is the graph of linear equation?

The graph will be a line.

What do you mean if a linear model underestimates?

In graph form, the linear equation lies below the true line or curve.

When does an equation graph a line?

When it is a linear equation.

3 plus 6x equals 11-4y?

You'll need another equation to solve this one. The equation you give has a graph that is a line. Every point on the line is a solution to the equation so there are infinitely many solutions.

What can graph a linear equation?

the line

What of the he graph of acceleration vs time for something going a constant positive velocity has characteristic?

The graph is a line that you can't see because it lies entirely on the x-axis.The equation of the line is: Y=0

Why do you graph inequalities on a number line?

To find the solutions.

Where are solutions to a system seen on the graph?

The intersection of the individual graphs. In the simplest case, the graph for each equation consists of a line (or some curve); the intersection is the points where the lines or curves meet.

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