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The answer was Rhombus.

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Q: An unknown quadrilateral has the following angle measures 53 127 53 127 What could be the unknown quadrilateral?
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What is the sum of the angle measures of a quadrilateral?


How to Find the sum of the interior angle measures and the sum of the exterior angle measures of a quadrilateral?

360 degrees

Which quadrilateral can have four different angle measures?


What is a quadrilateral that's all of its angle measures are ninety degrees?

A rectangle

What is the measure of each central angle of a quadrilateral?

That depends on the quadrilateral. They will not all have the same measure. Even rectangles will not all have the same central angle measures.

Is as large as the first angle and the second angle combined Find the angle measures in the quadrilateral?

A quadrilateral has four angles. There is information on only three so there are infinitely many possible answers.

In a quadrilateral the sum of four angle measures?

The four interior angles of any quadrilateral add up to 360 degrees

If three angles of a quadrilateral are congruent and the average of the measures of two angles of the quadrilateral is 80 which number could NOT be the measure of an angle of the quadrilateral?

There are only 4 possible numbers which could be measures of the angles for the quadrilateral. Each of the infinitely many other measures, such as 36.57 degrees, could NOT be the measure.

Interior angle of a convex quadrilateral?

The following are angles in a convex quadrilateral: Angle A = 80 degrees Angle B = 98 degree Angle C = 70 degrees What is the measure of the missing angle?

What is the sum of the angle measures of any quadilateral?

The sum of angles in a quadrilateral is 360 degrees.

The measures of the three angles of a quadrilateral are 80 140 55 find the measure of the fourth angle?

the angle measures of a quadrilateral must equal 360 degrees so you add 80+140+55=275 then subtract from 360. the answer is 85

Does the measure of an unknown angle in a quadrilateral always has to be equal to or less than 90 degrees?