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Perpendicular is when a line is at a right angle to another. Parallel lines are side by side and even if they were to go on to infinity, would never meet. Therefore the answer is perpendicular.

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Q: Are a vertical line and a horizontal line parallel or perpendicular?
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Is a vertical line parallel to the horizon?

No, the horizon is horizontal. A vertical line is perpendicular to the horizon.

What are the five line directions?


What is a line perpendicular to the vertical?

A horizontal line is a line perpendicular to the vertical.

What line is perpendicular to a vertical line?

A horizontal line is perpendicular to a vertical line.

What is oblique lines?

An oblique line can be diagonal, sloping or slanted. It is not vertical, horizontal, parallel or perpendicular.

What are horizontal and vertical lines of symmetry?

A line which divides a body into two parts, such that each part is the mirror image of the others, then the line is called a line of symmetry. If such a line is parallel to the horizontal plane, then it is called a horizontal line of symmetry. Else, if the line of symmetry is perpendicular to the horizontal plane then it is a vertical line of symmetry.

What type of line is perpendicular to a vertical line What type of line is parallel to a vertical line?

all vertical lines are parallel to waht type of line?

What line is perpendicular to a horizontal line?

A vertical line at 90 degrees

What is the symbol for perpendicular lines?

It is a vertical line touching a horizontal line

Is any horizontal line perpendicular to any vertical line?

Yes, but only if they are exactly vertical and exactly horizontal (90 degrees angular difference). For real-world examples, many vertical lines can be perpendicular to a single "horizontal" curved line at the points of intersection.

What is the symbole for perpendicular?

The symbol for perpendicular is a straight vertical line resting on a horizontal line just like a 'T' which is upside down.∟ or ┴

A line that runs perpendicular to the plane or the horizon what is it called?

The horizon runs horizontal. Perpendicular to that is VERTICAL.