Are all nuclei the same size diameter?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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are all nuclei the same size( diameter

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Q: Are all nuclei the same size diameter?
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What congruent figures that are the same size and shape?

All of them are the exact same size no matter what it is.

Are all sides of an octagon the same size?

Not necessarily. If all sides are the same size, and all angles are also the same, then it is called a "regular octagon". But an irregular octagon is still an octagon - the only requirement is that it have 8 sides.

How every circle has unique diameter?

That means that a given circle doesn't have two or three diameters. For a given circle, there is a unique measurement, called its "diameter". It is the distance from one end to the other, passing through the center. Since the circle is defined as all the points that are at the same distance from a point (the center), all radii are the same distance; and the diameter is simply twice the radius.

Is a Morgan dollar the same size as a Kennedy half dollar?

Not at all. Remember, at one time the sizes of coins were proportional to their values so a Morgan dollar is (essentially) twice the size of a Kennedy half dollar. Specifically, Morgan dollars are 38 mm in diameter and weigh 26.7 gm when new. JFK halves are 30 mm in diameter and weigh anywhere from 11.34 gm to 12.5 gm depending on their metal composition.

Why is half the diameter the radius?

A radius is a straight line from the circumference (boundary) of a circle to the centre. A diameter is a straight line that goes from the circumference to the centre and then continues until it reaches the circumference of the other side. In a circle, all points on the circumference are the same distance from the centre. As a result, the second part of the diameter is the same as the first. In other words, diameter = radius + radius = 2*radius.

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How can you find minimum and maximum diameters?

-- Every circle has a diameter of some size. -- All of the diameters that you can draw in the same circle are the same size. -- The smaller the circle is, the smaller its diameter is. There's no minimum size. -- The larger the circle is, the larger its diameter is. There's no maximum size.

Will tires 4 inche smaller in diameter harm your Jeep liberty transfer case?

As long as all 4 tires are the same size, you will be ok.As long as all 4 tires are the same size, you will be ok.

Is the diameter of a circle always the same?

Every diameter of the same circle is the same length, and unless someone comes alongand stretches the circle when you're not looking, the diameter doesn't change.So...YES-----------I disagree...No they are not... all circles would be the same size if that were the case.What remains a constant is that all circles are 360 degrees.==================================The question doesn't ask about " ... the diameter of circles ... ".It asks about " ... the diameter of a circle ... ".The diameter of circles is not always the same, butthe diameter of any one circle is always the same.P.S.: This is not the place to debate the answer.The "discussion area" is.

What is the actual size of an nucleus?

There is more than one kind of nucleus; the most usual types are cell nuclei and atomic nuclei, and even then, not all cell nuclei and not all atomic nuclei are the same size either. The average size of an animal cell nucleus is 900-1000nm.

What is the size of the 1913 V nickel?

Although only 5 coins exist, the size is the same of all nickels: Diameter 21.2mm, Thickness 1.95mm, Weight 5.00grams

How are all atoms of the same kind similar?

They have the same number of protons in their nuclei.

Which planets have similar diameter?

The Earth and Venus are pretty close to being the same size (about 5% difference), and Uranus and Neptune are also pretty close to the same size (about 4% difference). All of the other planets are different.

Is the binding energy the same for all nuclei?

No, the binding energy is not the same for all nuclei. It varies depending on the number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus. Nuclei with higher binding energy are more stable.

Are all human bones the same size in diameter do women have the same size bones or are some bigger boned smaller bone?

No, not all human bones have the same diameter. There can be differences in bone size and thickness among individuals due to factors like genetics, age, and sex. Generally, men tend to have larger and denser bones compared to women due to differences in hormone levels and body composition.

Can you change the size of a tire if you replace all 4?

Yes, but you must keep the overall diameter of the tires you are installing the same as the recommended tire size on the car. Any decent tire shop can tell you what size will work.

How does the diameter of the nucleus compare to the diameter of the atom?

The diameter of the nucleus is several orders of magnitude smaller than the diameter of the atom. The nucleus is approximately 10,000 times smaller than the overall size of the atom.

What is the multiplier for 45 degree offset in conduit bending?

Back set for all conduit sizes is not the same. The greater the diameter of the conduit the length of back set increases. Without the diameter size of the conduit, an answer can not be given.