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Q: Are all pyramids are platonic solids true or false?
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Most of the elements are solids true or false?

True. The majority of elements on the periodic table are solids at room temperature and pressure.

Are most of the elements solids true of false?


Is it true or false that some polhedrons are both prism and pyramids?


Ions are randomly arranged in ionic solids true or false?

False. Ions in ionic solids are arranged in a specific repeating pattern known as a crystal lattice, rather than randomly.

The pyramids of Egypt were entirely covered by gold in old times true or false?


A population pyramid might not always take shape of a pyramids true or false?


Imhotep was the first great engineer who built the pyramids is this true of false?

this question is false

Solids having flat surfaces that form into polygons are polyhedrons true or false?


Is Compounds that are similar to water in molecular mass all exist as solids true or false?

False. Compounds that are similar to water in molecular mass can exist in various states of matter depending on their chemical properties. For example, compounds like ethanol and methanol, which have similar molecular masses to water, can exist as liquids at room temperature.

True or false the crust and mantle are solids the inner crust is thoght to be solid?

true or false? the crust is the earths only solid layer or part

All pyramids have an odd number of edges?

False. In fact, the opposite is true: all pyramids have an even number of edges.

Is the sentence true or false the fact that copper wire can be bent shows that some solids do not have a definite shape?