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Yes! Areolas are much more pleasing when at a larger circumfrance. While wider areolas tend to be paired up with bigger breasts, there are some itty bitty titties that are lucky enough to have areolas that cover the entire space of the breast. This is a good thing ladies! In a recent survey by bobsboobs, a study showed that men found small chests with large areolas, and big ol double d's with large areolas are much more attractive than tiny areolas on any sized boobie. So, what is the purpose of an areola? Reader's Digest said that areolas remind men of their mother. And they get turned on thinking about the breasts they suckled on as a baby, only it's on another women. That can be a bummer for some because they would rather it actually be there mother. In conclusion bigger is better! If you feel insecure about your tiny nipple rings, there is surgery to induce the size. Review with your doctor and see what's best for you. Because they take exces skin from your cooch and sew it to ur tit.

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Q: Are bigger areloas better
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