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Yes - zeros in-between significant digits are significant.

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Q: Are the zeros in number 503 significant?
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How many significant zeros are in 85000?

None of the zeros in that number are significant.

How many significant zeros are in this number 0.01000200?

Five. Zeros in between significant digits are significant and trailing zeros that are after the decimal are significant.

How many zeros appearing in the number 0.0040500 are significant?

Four of the zeros are significant... the two zeros after the digit 5 0 are simply 'place fillers'.

What is appropriate number of significant figures?

Any number that is not zero is significant. However, zeros that appear between non-zeros are significant. Even more confusing is that leading zeros are not significant while trailing zeros are. So, it really depends on what you are looking at. And where the zeros are.

How many significant figures are in 0.041?

There are 2 because of the leading zeros rule. Zeros at the beginning of a number are never significant.

What is the significant digit for this number 3.008?

Four - zeros between significant digits are significant.

How many significant digits are there in the number of 85000?

Two - the trailing zeros are not significant.

How many significant fugures are in the number 3.2200?

Five - the trailing zeros are significant.

How many significant digits are in this number 4400?

Two. The trailing zeros are not significant.

What has an infinite number of significant figures?

zeros has infinite muber of significant figures.

How many significant digits does 0.00100 have?

three, leading zeros are not significant and trailing zeros are significant if there is a decimal. trailing zeros are not significant if there is no decimal zeros in the middle of numbers are significant

Why are there five significant figures in 1.3070?

All nonzero numbers are significant (1, 3, and 7 are significant). Zeros in-between significant digits are significant (the first zero is significant). All zeros after the decimal point that aren't placeholders are significant (last zero is significant).