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Yes indeed. Sanitarium company policy states that each Up n Go factory must be within 10km of each Weetbix factory. This is to ensure the rapid transport of the Weetbix-by-product (crumbs) into the dairy directly after manufacture of each Wheetbix batch. At the Up n Go factory crumbs are poured into Wheetbix sized moulds before being poured individualy into each Up n Go container. Exactly 2 portions are carefully poured into each box. The box is then taken to the liquifier which is a large machine that rapidly shakes each box to dissolve the crumbs successfully. If you look closely at the label Sanitarium has a disclaimer which states that all crumbs may not be dissolved and this may be a choking hazard for children below the age of 3. The oesophagus of children aged 3 and above, on average, has a diameter wide enough to engulf half a Weetbix (soaked in milk). This has been deemed safe by the insurance advisers of sanitarium as the chance of half a Weetbix making it from one factory to the other is close to zero, considering how fragile they are. So to sum up, yes, there are exactly 2 Weetbix in every Up n Go.

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Q: Are up and go actually the equivalent to 2 weet bix?
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