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Yes because polygons have 3 or more sides.

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Q: Are you able to classify polygons by their sides and angles?
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How did Pythagoras help us today?

because of pythagorus nobody would have know about right angles and everything so if hehadnt discovered that then people would be able to fit carpets build buildings tcnacly the world wouldnt be round without right angles

How do you find how many sides a polygon would have with only an angle?

If the only information that you have is the angle and the shape is a polygon, then you cannot determine how many sides the polygon consists of. The minimum number of sides is 3, but without seeing a picture, or knowing what type of polygon (e.g. right triangle or equalaterial triangle), then you won't be able to determine how many sides the polygon has.

How do you find a missing angle in a quadrilateral with variables involved?

The method will depend on what information you have, and the amount of knowledge expected of you. At the basic level, you should be able to reach an answer using the following facts: 1. The sum of the exterior angles is 360 degrees. 2. The sum of the interior angles is 360 degrees. 3. Each pair of exterior and interior angles adds to 180 degrees. These will give equations that may be solved - individually or simultaneously (depending on your level). If you are more advanced still, information about some of the angles may be missing but you may have side-lengths instead. Then it is a question of using the basic triginometric ratios to calculate the missing angles.

When can you use the sine law?

The tricky part of the law of sines is knowing when you are able to use it. Whether you can use the law of Sine's or not depends on what information you have or were given. In some cases the information you were given could make two different triangles. There are three times when you can use the law of sines. One example of when you can use it is when you have the length of a side and the measures of both the angles that that side is adjacent to. This is called angle side angle or asa for short. Another time when you can use the law of sines is when you are given the measures of two angles and a side that is outside the angles. This is called aas. Finally the last case where you can use the law of sines is when you have two side lengths and the measure of an angle. Math teachers refer to this one as ssa, I remember that this one is special. If you are given the measure of an angle and two sides you could have two different triangles.

How is math used in orthopedic surgery?

Most likely a surgeon needs to be able to do basic trigonometry and arithmetic in order to make sure that ratios between body parts are correct and that joints have the proper angles to maintain proper body function. On top of this they may also need to be able to determine volumes of certain shapes when transplanting body tissue from one part of a body to the other.

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How do you determine the sides of two regular polygons if their sides and interior angles are in ratio order?

You need to know the sides of one to be able to determine the sides of the other.

Does a ploygon with three or more sides have equal number of angles?

If you are talking about measure all regular polygons have equal angle measures. If you could be a bit more clear and post on my board what you are trying to ask I may be able to help you.

How many angels of a pentagon?

I assume the question refers to angles and not angels. I am not able to answer the latter question which takes on a spiritual dimension. A pentagon has 5 sides and 5 angles.

Calculate the 3rd angle of the triangle Then classify the triangle in two ways?

Not enough information provided. You might be able to use the rule that the sum of all angles is 180 degrees.

How many sides does a regular polygon have if each exterior angles equals?

If each exterior angle equals what? We need to know that in order to be able to give an answer.

Why do people classify things?

to be able to draw comparisons

What Will happen if there was no system of classification?

we wont be able to classify animals into groups

What are the internal angles of a tetradecagon?

a tetradecagon is a polygon with 14 sides. Deca = 10, and tetra = 4. The formula for the internal angle for a polygon is 180 * (n - 2) / n, where n is the number of sides on the polygon. You should be able to figure out the rest from there!

What we should do if sides are not given in triangle?

The answer depends on what you need to do. You can always use a ruler to measure the sides. Or you may be able to use trigonometry to calculate them - except that you will still need to know the length of one side.

How are other countries able to verify if the US is adhearing to international treaties and laws if the US can classify information indefinatly?

There not able to...

How would you classify crocodile for not being able to stick out their tongue?

Kingdom: AnimalsGroup:VertebratesKind: Reptiles

Can a triangle be made with only right angles?

No, else the sides would not be able to close. Triangles may only have one right angle, at any given time. For a triangle to have exactly equal angles; each angle would have to measure sixty degrees - which is known as an equilateral triangle.

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