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0.6875 = 11/16 To convert a decimal into a fraction, write the decimal divided by 1 (0.6875/1) and then move the decimal point all the way to the right of the decimal number to convert it into a whole number and add as many zeroes as there are numbers after the decimal to the number on the bottom: 0.6875/1 = 6875/10000, then simplify he fraction: 6875/10000 = 1375/2000 = 275/400 = 55/80 = 11/16 Alternately simply divide time spent(27.5) by total time (40) and get 27.5/40 then try to simplify. multiply by 2 you get 55/80 then divide by five 11/16

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Q: At his job Peter fills out a time sheet every Friday This week Peter spent 27.5 hours out of 40 hours or 0.6875 of his time working on Project A Which fraction is the best estimate of the time P?
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