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Check to see that it is supported by historical evidence.

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Q: Can a historian determine whether or not a claim is valid?
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How can historians determine whether a claim is valid?

evaluate the evidence used to support it

Which strategy would a historian most likely use to determine whether a source is valid?

checking its conclusions against other sources

What is the best way to determine whether the historian's interpretation is valid?

If the question is: A historian is writing a book about the fall of the Soviet Union. He claims that the country collapsed because it spent too much of its money on its military rather than providing domestic services to its people. What is the best way to determine whether the historian’s interpretation is valid? Then the answer would be: Corroborate the interpretation with other secondary sources.

A reader trying to determine whether the historian's interpretation is valid would most likely?

A historian writes an essay on the rise of communism in China during the 20th century. She claims that communism would never have taken hold in the country if the Soviet Union has not supplied the Chiese commuunists with money and military equipment.

How can a historian determine whether or not a claim is valid?

modern historians usually try to determine what stories are true and false depending on whether or not there are multiple stories. In the case of the Gospels in the catholic bible, the people who put the bible together decided what went in because of what each story said meaning all 4 Gospels are historically accurate because they pretty much tell the same story (save for a few details) P.s. this my first answer

What does statistical data such as census numbers do for geographers?

Help geographers determine whether their ideas are valid.

Who reviews a hazard report to determine whether it is a valid hazard and whether any immediate interim control measures are necessary?

Base Safety Office

How do you file a quiet title lawsuit in New York?

You contact an attorney who specializes in real estate law who can determine if you have a valid claim.

Which action would a historian most likely take in order to determine whether the passage draws a valid conclusion?

Determine how many battles during WW2 took place near small farming towns. :)

What are some questions to ask about a study to determine whether it is valid or biased?

1) was it independently commissioned 2) was there a control group

Can collection agency sue you in Texas?

Any collection agency can, in theory, sue you anywhere they can find you. Whether or not they have jurisdiction or a valid claim and whether you have defenses would depend upon the circumstances.

How do you determine whether a point is on a given line or not?

Substitute the coordinates of the point into the equation of the line. If the equation is still valid then the point is on the line; if not then it is not.