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Q: Can i have an example of an asymmetric relation?
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Is the complement of any asymmetric relation symmetric?

No, it could be another asymmetric relation.

What words have the root a- in it?

Here are a few examples of words with the root "a-": asexual, asymmetric, apolitical.

Is Pgp symmetric or asymmetric?


Which transformation does not preserve distance and angle measures?

An asymmetric enlargement. A convolution, Fourier transformation, for example.

What is an example of a number relation problem with a solution?

examples of number relation problems

What is an asymmetric centre?

An asymmetric centre is an atom with a spatial arrangement of ligands which is not superposable on its mirror image.

Would moral hazard and adverse selection still arise in financial markets if information were not asymmetric?

what leads to moral hazard or averse selection ? The answer is asymmetric information . So if asymmetric information does not exist, there will be no question about them . Agree ?????

What is a non example of a relation?

sour and sweet

Does a VPN use symmetric or asymmetric encryption?

PKI must use asymmetric encryption because it is managing the keys in many cases. This implies the use of public and private key pairs, which is asymmetric.

What is the abbreviation for asymmetric?


Which is an example of prevention in relation health?

Wearing a seatbelt

What is bimodal karyotype?

A bimodal karyotype is a chromosomal arrangement characterized by having two distinct sets of chromosome numbers in a population or individual. This can be due to variations such as aneuploidy or polyploidy, leading to two distinct peaks when chromosomes are counted. An example is Down syndrome (Trisomy 21), where individuals have an extra copy of chromosome 21, resulting in a bimodal karyotype.