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Yes, it is possible. For instance there could be a gear ratio of 3.1:1 or you can have a waist-hip ratio of 0.8:1.

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Q: Can there be a ratio between decimal points?
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Can ratio have decimal points?

well..not depends on what the question is

How is ratio related to decimal?

A decimal is simply way of representing a ratio.

The ratio between the distance between two points found on the map as compared to the actual distance between these points in the real world?

look at the scale of the map

How is magnification calculate?

It can be measured as the ratio between two points in the image compared to the same two points in the pre-image.

What is a decimal that is between 0.6 and 0.62?

Read 0.6 aS 0.60 Hence decimal between 0.60 & 0.62 Drop the decimal points hence 60 & 62 . So what number is between 60 & 62 . It is 61. It follows that the decimal is 0.61

When graphing the points can your tell whether or not they are collinear?

Yes. Calculate the ratio of the difference in y-coordinates and the difference in x-coordinates between pairs of points. If the ratio is the same, the points are collinear. If not, they are not. The only exception is if all the x-coordinates are he same and the ratio is not defined. In this case the points are also collinear - all on a vertical line.

What ratio do you get if you round of 3.1512.9912.95516505601294913.14412.8411?

You cannot have a single number with five decimal points. Furthermore, you need to specify the degree to which the number(s) are to be rounded.

What are the points after the decimal point called?

There should be no points after the decimal point.

How can you find a ratio from a decimal?

Just remove the decimal.

What is the difference between a ratio and a decimal?

For example, lets say we have the fraction 70 over 10. The decimal form for that would be 7 tenths (.7) but the ratio could either be 70 percent, .7, and 7 to 3.

What is an average slope on a topographic map?

The average slope is the ratio of the change between two points

Why do you need to line up the decimal points when subtracting?

It is not a matter of aligning the decimal points, but aligning the place value columns so that the ones are under each other, the tens are under each other, the tenths are under each other, etc which is the proper way to subtract. As the decimal points are between the ones and tenths columns, with those place value columns aligned, the decimal points are aligned.Aligning the decimal points is an easy way to remember to align the place value columns, as with the decimal points aligned all the place value columns are automatically aligned.