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No. Like fractions have the same denominator.

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No. Like fractions are those with the same denominator. If 2 equivalent (not equivalant) fractions were also like fractions, they would be identical.

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Q: Can you call 2 equivalent fraction like fractions?
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What do you call a fraction with the same denomanator?

They are like fractions.

What are the differents types of fractions?

the different types of fractions are:-proper fractionimproper fractionmixed fraction

How are equivalent ratios like equivalent fractions?

They are alike because yu can turn a ratio into a fraction or it is already one.

What are the six kinds of fractions?

Well there are different kinds of fractions their are mixed numbers, regular fractions and improper fractionsThere are 5 kinds of fraction. Proper fraction, improper fraction, mixed number, unit fraction, and equivalent fractions. An example of a proper fraction is 3/4. An example of an improper fractions is 13/12. An example of a mixed number is 1 1/4. An example of a unit fraction is 1/3. An example of equivalent fractions is 4/8=1/2.I hope you like my answer... :)

What are the like fraction?

Like fractions are fractions with the same denominators.

What is the equivalent fraction of 4 over 5?

4 over 5 has infinite equivalent fractions, just like any fraction. The first one is 8 over 10.

How many equivalent fractions can be written for any given fraction?

It depends on what kind of fraction you are doing. Like some numbers are prime and some are composite.

Is like fractions are equivalent Fractions?

yeah :)

What do like and unlike fractions mean?

Like fractions have the same denominators (bottom part of fraction), unlike fractions do not.

What fraction is equivalent to one and three fourths?

Change the mixed fraction to improper fraction, like this: 1 & 3/4= 7/4 because you multiply the whole number and denominator and you add the numerator to get an improper fraction with the numerator being bigger than the denominator.So one equivalent fraction for 7/4 is: 14/8The second equivalent fraction for 7/4 is: 21/12*You can later turn those equivalent fractions into mix fractions, if necessary.*

What is a like fraction?

fractions that have the same denominator

What is the meaning of related fractions?

Two fractions are related when the denominator of one of the fraction is a multiple of the denominator of the other fraction. (Don't confuse with Like fractions)

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