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Yes it is very easy.

1. Sit down (make sure you are breathing at a normal rate, eg. if you have exercised, rest for a few mins to give your breathing a chance to return to normal).

2. Place one hand on the chest or stomach (make sure you can feel it rising and falling).

3. Breathe normally (one rise and fall of the chest is one breath, another rise and fall is two breaths, etc).

4. Count for 60secs.

Your done, told you it was easy (make sure that you don not take deep breaths because this may not be the correct number of time you breathe in a minute):)

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Q: Can you count number of breaths you take?
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How do you not be nervouse?

Take deep breaths and count to ten slowly

How do you calm yourself when your child is misbehaveing?

Count to ten, take several deep breaths, take some "time out" from your kid, ask for help if you need it.

How respiraions are merured?

Respirations, or breaths, are measured by how many occur in one minute. Many medical people count breaths for 15 seconds, then multiply that number by 4 (equaling one minute's worth)

Is 20 million a countless number?

Depending on how quick you count and how much of each day you spend at the task you could count to 20 million in less than a year - hardly uncountable.For comparison:Your heat will beat 30 billion times in your lifeYou will take 500 mililon breaths

How do you get to sleep very fast?

What I do is take deep breaths and count to ten. If this doesn't work, and you've done every thing you can, use sleping pills.

How many breaths do you take in a week?

About 190,500 breaths a week.

How many breaths does a moose take a minute?

5 breaths

When taking a respiratory rate you should count the breaths for?

Usually for one minute.

How many breaths do you take daily?

Let's see: I take about 12 breaths a minute. There are 60 minutes in an hour. That means I take 720 breaths an hour. That means I take about 11,520 breaths during the 16 hours when I am awake. When I fall asleep my breathing slows down. At 10 breaths a minute that is 600 breaths an hour. that will be 4,800 breaths when I am asleep. 11,520+4,800= Whoops my adding machine just disappeared from the screen.

How long does it take to count to 1500?

If you count one number a second, then it will take 25 minutes.

How many breaths do you take a day?

20,000 or so breaths per day!

How do you stop shaking after you tell someone you love them?

take deep breaths and count to 10 dont just blank out everything around but still listen if he says anything and dont count out loud the person would think you weird