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Yes. You can graduate from college with more than one major.

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Q: Can you graduate college with more than one majors?
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Do college grads make more than high school grads?

Yes. The average college graduate makes significantly more money than a high school graduate.

Do college graduates make more money?

Yes college graduates make more money than non-college graduates. On average a non-college graduate makes $18,734 and a college graduate makes $27,915.

How many college majors can you get?

Most people have one major in college. You can also decide to be "undecided or undeclared" your freshman year. You can usually just declare and graduate with two majors in college at the most. This is because it takes a certain amount of credits to earn a degree in a topic and you may feel overwhelmed if you try for more majors. You generally take about 4 or 5 classes each semester in college.

Do most people graduate college in four years?

most people do not graduate in four years because the courses that they take require more than for years.

What are the advantages of education?

With a Bachelor's Degree from a college, you can earn $25,000 more a year. People who have graduated from college can expect to make more than a High School graduate in life..

Is a BE student is eligible for lecturer in engineering college?

More than a professional student, graduate who have completed the course will do better for this designation.

How many students go to Canisius College?

Canisius College is located in Buffalo, New York and presently 5, 152 students attend this college. Canisius College offers more than 125 majors, minors and special programs.

What is the lifetime earnings difference between a HS graduate and a HS dropout?

theire is no way to know for sure.hs graduate could go to a normal college and make more $$$$$ than some body that went to a fabulous all depends onwhat college,really.

Why is it good to graduate?

It is good to graduate high school, so you can get a degree. It is good to graduate college, so you can get a job that actually pays more than minimum wage. In addition: Many jobs require a high school diploma. Better paying jobs require additional education such as trade school or college, but a high school diploma is required to get additional training or to attend college.

What percentage of college students actually know what they want to do after they graduate?

Less than half.

What is the opposite gender of a alumna?

Alumna = a woman who is a graduate or former student of a specific school, college, or university.Alumnae = more than one woman who is a graduate or former student of a specific school, college, or university.So, the opposite gender* to an Alumna is an Alumnus.Alumnus = a male graduate or former student of a specific school, college, or university.Alumni = more than one male, or any combination of male and female graduates or former students of a specific school, college, or university.*Note: The term "opposite" is misapplied when referring to Latin genders since there are three genders: Male, Female, Neuter. The opposite of "female" is "not female".

When does billy unger graduate?

Billy Unger has already graduated surprisingly in July 2011. That's three years early than when he was supposed to graduate and he is starting college courses SOON!!!! For more information visit his website: